Sunday, January 29

The giant relief of the Argentine press: Dibu Martínez you are the hope | Digital Trends Spanish

The first semifinal of Qatar 2022 is ready and America is still alive thanks to the Argentine team, after the albiceleste won on penalties and suffered greatly from the Netherlands.

All after a 2-2 draw in regular time, after Lionel Messi and company went 2-0, winning until almost 80 minutes into the game.

After an extra time where the albicelestes were better, the goalkeeper Emiliano Dibu Martínez was huge to give way to Argentina in the semifinals where they will face Croatia on Tuesday.

The Argentine press and social networks relieved

The Olé newspaper commented «The National Team suffered, but it is in the semifinals of the World Cup. He went through penalties to the Netherlands and that Croatia takes revenge ».

While Clarion He pointed out that, «The Argentine National Team is in the semifinals of the World Cup in Qatar. After the 2-2 equality in the 90s, the equality persisted in the extra time. And in the definition by penalties Emiliano Dibu Martínez covered the first two and gave the team air to kick. They converted Messi, Paredes, Montiel, Enzo Fernández failed and Lautaro Martínez sealed the ticket to the semifinals. Argentina will play 7 games in the World Cup.

Social networks only had one protagonist:

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