Thursday, September 16

The Gijón City Council decides to end the bullfighting fair

The El Bibio de Gijón bullring will no longer host the traditional Begoña bullfighting fair, since the City Council will not renew the concession of the bullring because it considers that bulls cannot be used to “deploy an ideology contrary to the human rights”. “The bullfighting fair is over,” said the mayor of Gijón, Ana González, in statements to journalists, after stating that what happened in the last run of the fair this year, where two of the morlacos from the cattle ranch of Daniel Ruiz called themselves “Feminist” and “Nigerian”, has caused great discontent among feminist and animalist associations and has precipitated a decision that was already planned.

“A city that believes in the equality of women and men, that believes in integration, in the doors open to everyone cannot allow this type of thing,” said the councilor before stating that “several lines have been crossed. ”.

González explained that the idea was to end the concession of the El Bibio bullring and later put an end to it, as contemplated in the resolutions of the PSOE congresses, but these events have advanced the decision. For this reason, the Consistory will not grant a third extension of the concession signed in 2016 nor will it issue a new call, despite the fact that the payment of the successful bidder represents 50,000 euros per year for the city council.

“The bullfighting fair is over because it seems that too many things were hidden”, explained the councilor, who has argued that if the world of bullfighting is what was seen in the last run of the fair “it does not contribute much to a city like Gijón ”.

González has indicated that in recent years the bulls were “clearly questioned” and more and more voices were calling for an end to the bullfighting fair in Gijón and now that demand has been met.

The names of these two morlacos fought by Morante de la Puebla last Sunday, August 15, in Gijón, have generated controversy on social networks and have aroused complaints from feminist and animalist associations.