Tuesday, January 18

The Gmail application now allows voice and video calls | Digital Trends Spanish

Voice and video calls, so popular and useful during the pandemic, will now be even more accessible from the Gmail mobile app, by chatting within it. This because Google activated the function to make calls directly on the app, without the need to use an external program like many of the company’s that have gone down in history.

The application update is available on both Android and iOS and its operation is very simple, since two icons will be displayed at the top of the window to make calls, both for voice and video. And it is available to all users, both those who use Google’s corporate suite (G Suite) as well as ordinary people who have a free Gmail account.

The launch of these voice calls began on December 6 and Google says that in about two weeks, all users should have it available as long as they have their Google Chat application up to date. And as for limitations, for now the only noteworthy one is that the calls are only 1 to 1 type, which means that for group calls it will be necessary to use programs such as Google Meet or similar.

Perhaps this new feature is not very groundbreaking, considering that voice and video calls are very trivial nowadays. But the fact that they can be done within the same Gmail application could be very useful for more traditional users who want to centralize their communications without having to use external applications, even if these are Google’s own.

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