Wednesday, October 20

The Google Pixel 5a is official: with its arrival something dies | Digital Trends Spanish

Google finally lifted the curtain on its new phones. In addition to the new Pixel 6 that were revealed a few weeks ago, the Pixel 5A is also a reality that we have already seen thanks to leaks.

The Pixel 5A has a 6.3-inch OLED screen, at 1920 x 1080 resolution and with a refresh rate of 60Hz, a number that does not seem very impressive in light of what cheaper equipment such as the recent Poco offers. The battery also receives an increase in relation to the Pixel 4A and Pixel 5, now reaching 4,680 mAh, which Google says should last up to 48 hours without having to recharge.

The rest of the internal specifications are very similar to those of the Pixel 5. The processor is a Snapdragon 765G, the cameras are a mixture of a 12 megapixel lens plus an ultra-wide 16 megapixel lens, the internal storage is 128 GB and the memory RAM is reduced from 8 to 6 GB. And yes, the ability to load two SIM cards at the same time is maintained.

Like the Pixel 5, this is a 5G capable phone in the sub-6Ghz band. But broadly speaking, it is a model that comes to replace the Pixel 4A and not the Pixel 5 that is already known. This model has as its successors the new Pixel 6, with the Pixel line it will cease to be mid-range or medium-high and will go on to compete directly with top-of-the-range equipment.

And in no less detail, Google also announced that the Pixel 5A 5G will be the last phone to include a charger out of the box; therefore, for the new Pixel 6, that charger will have to be purchased separately.

Finally, the Pixel 5A will work on Android 11 and will go on sale on August 26 and for a price of $ 449 dollars, somewhat cheaper than the original Pixel 5. The phone will be sold exclusively through the Google store at the countries where it has official support, which means that, as has happened before, those who want a Google phone with pure Android will have to buy it via import.

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