Tuesday, March 21

The Government advises Spanish residents in Ukraine to leave the country

The Government of Spain has advised against traveling to Ukraine. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs justifies it by the “volatile security situation”. In addition, they “recommend” those who are there at the moment to “seriously consider” leaving temporarily by the available means, “while the current circumstances persist.”

This Saturday morning, the President of the Government informed King Felipe VI of these new recommendations by telephone. According to the Government, both are in constant communication on this matter. Pedro Sánchez has also contacted Pablo Casado and thanked him for his support.

Moncloa has reported that the entire Executive is aware of the situation, after Sánchez has informed Yolanda Díaz about the new recommendations. The spokespersons for the parliamentary groups will be the Minister of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation, José Manuel Albares, who will inform them.

Several countries urge their citizens to leave Ukraine as soon as possible

Germany, Norway, the Netherlands and the UK are also advising their citizens to leave Ukraine. This Saturday, the Secretary of State for the British Armed Forces, James Heappey, has alerted citizens that in the event that Russia invades the country they will not be able to evacuate them. That is why he has urged the British to leave Ukraine by whatever means are available or to drive to neighboring countries.

In the Netherlands, the government has “urged” citizens this Saturday to leave Ukraine “as soon as possible.” In a statement, the Foreign Minister explained that “the security situation was already worrying and has deteriorated more and more in recent days.” At the Embassy of that country in Kiev there will be minimal services, since most of the staff will also leave the country. However, a temporary diplomatic center is to be set up in Lviv to provide emergency assistance, such as emergency visas and temporary permits.

At the end of this Friday afternoon, the European Union asked its “non-essential” personnel the same thing: to leave the country. He did it after the conversation of the presidents of the institutions and other leaders with Joe Biden. The US, precisely, has said it is convinced that the attack is imminent. “We are not evacuating,” assured European sources, who insisted that “what we do is give the opportunity to telework from outside the country.”

This Saturday Russia has responded to claims by the US of an imminent attack. Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has accused the country of promoting “a propaganda campaign” about the alleged Russian attack. He has done so in a telephone conversation with his American counterpart, Antony Blinken.

The US, for its part, has also asked its citizens to leave in the next 24 to 48 hours. Likewise, it has ordered the departure of most of its diplomatic employees in Ukraine, as reported by the US Embassy in Kiev. In a Twitter message, they have specified that they are non-essential personnel and have indicated that as a result of this measure as of this Sunday “consular services at the Embassy will be suspended.”