Wednesday, November 30

The Government agrees to “restrict to a minimum” relations with the Government until it clarifies the cases of espionage

The Catalan Government raises another step in the pressure on the central government regarding the case of espionage through the Pegasus software. The Executive Council has approved this Tuesday an agreement in which it has to “restrict to a minimum” relations with the Executive chaired by Pedro Sánchez. “The government’s reaction to this political scandal has been completely insufficient,” said spokeswoman Patricia Plaja, who has considered that this situation requires reducing political relations “to the minimum that are considered essential, until the facts are clarified. and the purification of responsibilities at the corresponding level”.

The Government assumes the seriousness of the espionage to the independence movement but its measures do not convince its allies

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Along with this decision, the Generalitat has also agreed to “undertake crooked political and legal actions necessary to clarify the case of massive espionage and to purge responsibilities”, a complaint that it wants to take to “all possible instances”, which includes make as many international appeals as possible. Along the same lines, the Legal Office of the Generalitat will be the body that will study the legal actions to defend the public officials attacked and there will also be “accompaniment” for those affected, explained the spokeswoman.

The Government’s demand is, from the outset, that the Government agree to “declassify all documents” related to the espionage case, and not only those that are required by the courts or by the Ombudsman, as promised Minister Félix Bolaños this Sunday. In addition, the Generalitat proposes the reform of two laws. On the one hand, the official secrets law of 1968, through which they claim to modify control over the CNI, and on the other, law 14/2019, of October 31, known as the “decree against the Catalan digital republic” , which allows the government to intervene in the Internet infrastructure without a court order.

The intention to cool down relations with Madrid had already been the Government’s first announcement after hearing the Citizen Lab revelations about the malicious software attack. However, at that time it was a verbal manifestation and without clarifying its scope. Now it becomes a Government agreement that, among other things, suspends the dialogue table with the Government and reduces the Bilateral Commission to technical areas. “Only those relationships that are essential to clarify the relationship with the ‘CatalanGate’ or those that are obviously necessary for the interests of the citizens of Catalonia will be made”, stated Plaja, who considered that from now on it will be “difficult to see relationships with the highest level” between both executives. The freezing will also remain “until there is something new on the subject,” he has settled.

The spokeswoman has also highlighted that the purification of responsibilities “cannot be delayed” and that in her opinion it goes through resignations. “It is evident that everything that is being learned shows that the image of Spanish democracy is being put at risk”, said Plaja, for which he considered that the Government should be “the first interested in offering the explanations that one week later they have not yet been given”.

Plaja has also referred to the information published by El País this Tuesday, in which the CNI recognizes the espionage in espionage devices but “individualized and with judicial control”. From the Government they consider that this information underlines the need for the case to be clarified. “The minister [Robles] He said there was no espionage. Today it comes out yes but only a little and with authorization. So what has happened? Does the Spanish State consider it good that the aim of trying to put an end to the independence movement justifies all the media, also the dark media and that violate the rights of dozens of people in Spain and in other European states?”, the spokeswoman asked.