Sunday, May 28

The Government and the PP engage in funds and tourism at the gates of Fitur

The leader of the PP, Paul Married, has attacked this Tuesday against the Government of Pedro Sánchez for the latest proposals that he has put on the table, such as the new Housing Law that, in his opinion, “attacks private property”, or his approach to raising social security contributions for the self-employed, something he believes would be the “tip”.

This was stated during his speech at the 11th Exceltur Tourism Leadership Forum, entitled Rethinking Post-Covid Tourism: New challenges, new perspectives’, coinciding with the approval by the Council of Ministers of the State Housing Plan, of the youth rent bonus and the Law on Architecture and Housing Quality.

Casado has criticized the Housing Law and has said that this reform, “in addition to attacking private property and business or individual freedom”, “disintegrates this competition in the autonomies”, alluding, for example, to the fact that it is the communities themselves that have the power to establish which areas will be considered to have a stressed market.

More than two months ago, when the axes of the Housing Law of the PSOE and United We Can Government were known, the PP already announced then that its formation would take this rule to the Constitutional Court and warned that it would not be applied in the autonomous communities and municipalities in which his party governs.

The self-employed, “at the limit of their strength”

In addition, Casado has referred to the proposal that the Ministry of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration has presented to the self-employed on the contribution system. “I want to say it very clearly: we are against raising contributions to the self-employed as it is being proposed. It is the last straw for more than two million Spaniards who are at the limit of their strength,” he said.

In this sense, He has stated that raising these contributions harms a group of workers who have had to “close the blind in this crisis.” “You can not tax more contributions to the self-employed when they are at the limit of their strength”, has abounded.

The head of the opposition explained that the PP supports the reduction of the public debt, “a disgrace” that, in his opinion, is “unbearable and reaches an increase of 5,800 euros more per Spaniard” since the PSOE and Podemos arrived to the government. He has also opted for reduce the structural deficit and for a labour reform that “increases flexibility and not remove flexibility from that of 2012”.

Less taxes and bureaucracy

Married has insisted that we must make the Spanish economy more competitive and start preparing for a scenario if central bank purchases are reduced and interest rates are reduced, since, as you said, if Spain is not done “it will suffer much more”, taking into account its unemployment and deficit figures. In his opinion, European funds can be used “to reduce these risks and improve employment and collection figures”.

In this Exceltur Tourism Leadership forum, Casado has listed in detail its five macroeconomic measures: a tax reduction of 10,000 million euros; reduction of bureaucracy, more labor flexibility, better training; and more competitiveness and legal certainty.

After qualifying for “Unfortunate” the execution of European funds in 2021, recalled that in his day he asked to create an independent agency to manage European funds because, in his opinion, if they are not managed “effectively” and “transparently”, and with accountability in Parliament, there could be a tendency to “clientelism”.

“Tourism in Spain, the best in the world”

Casado has indicated that in his day he offered Sánchez a reconstruction plan based on structural reforms and a short-term shock plan in the industries most affected by Covid, such as tourism.

As he has insisted, this shock plan that tourism needs must include tax cuts. “Tourism in Spain is the best in the world and I think that what we public authorities should do is support it or, at least, not attack it”, he has emphasized, to ensure that if they apply this shock plan, tourism “is going to recover.”

One day after the meeting in Moncloa between Pedro Sánchez and the chancellor, Olaf Scholz, Casado has recommended to the head of the Executive to learn from the German model, which is committed to lowering taxes, reducing public spending and eliminating “bureaucratic waste”. “Germany with less population has five ministries less than the Government of Spain,” he added.

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After ensuring that Sánchez and Scholz “more things separate them than unite them”, the president of the PP has affirmed that the German president defended in that meeting the same thing that his party demands: “return to responsibility in public accounts”. In his opinion, only in this way can solidarity be maintained between States and also between generations, sectors and incomes in Spain.

I feel more identified with what the German chancellor said than with what the leader of the Spanish Socialist Party said. And this is something I am not happy to say,” he assured, after recalling that Scholz “was able to reach agreements with Angela Merkel’s center-right” and opted for lower taxes in his country.