Friday, December 3

The Government announces the creation of a non-payment of rent insurance for young people

The Minister of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, Raquel Sánchez, has announced the “creation and financing” of a non-payment of rent insurance for young people. This new aid will consist, as explained by the Ministry in a statement, in the “financing of a private insurance coverage for a possible non-payment of the rent of the house of up to one year and whose premium may not exceed 5% of the rent annual “, of what young people pay for rent.

Sánchez announces a housing voucher of 250 euros per month for young people

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The owner of Urban Agenda has referred in a conference organized by El Español and Invertia to the creation of this “help” that will be offered “so that they can establish an insurance that guarantees payment for one year” and that “will also serve as a guarantee” for the landlord: “It is an aid in the financing of this insurance and they will allow [a los inquilinos] that, in case they have problems in the payment, that insurance is activated that we will have helped finance by the State, “he explained.

Specifically, according to sources from the Ministry, the objective of this insurance is that young people can maintain their rents in moments of vulnerability, which will be determined. For example, a temporary unemployment situation.

The details of this new insurance for non-payment of rents for young people will be defined in the next State Housing Plan 2022-2025 that the Executive plans to approve in the Council of Ministers next December.

This plan will define the characteristics that young people have to meet to access this impact insurance, which will be financed through the General State Budgets, as indicated by the Ministry.

The characteristics that they have to comply with are similar to the 250-euro youth rental bond, which the Government also plans to approve in the coming weeks, although they will be two independent measures, according to the aforementioned sources.

In addition to being between 18 and 35 years old, those who benefit from this non-payment insurance will have to meet both rental requirements and those related to the price they pay for their rentals.

Regarding income, it will be limited to those who receive salaries less than three times the Public Multiple Effects Income Indicator (IPREM), equivalent to 23,725 euros per year.

In addition, the cost paid for the rent will also be limited, which will leave out young people with limited income but who pay high rents, for example, because they are paid by relatives.

In fact, the State Housing Plan already contemplates this limitation when proposing the granting of aid, in such a way that the rents do not exceed 600 euros per month, which can be increased to 900 if the autonomous communities justify it. , due to rental prices in their territories.

Precisely, as of the approval of the State Housing Plan by the Council of Ministers, negotiations with the Communities will be opened, foreseeably in January, which are the ones that will have to implement the measures contemplated in this regulation, including non-payment insurance, since they have transferred the competences of Housing.

In addition, it will be from then on when negotiations will begin with the insurance sector through which this instrument will be channeled.

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