Thursday, January 27

The Government approves this Tuesday an extraordinary job offer with 926 fixed positions for the SEPE

Important reinforcement of SEPE staff. The Council of Ministers will approve tomorrow Tuesday an extraordinary job offer with 926 fixed places for the State Public Employment Service (SEPE). It is “the first extraordinary offer in history” specific to this public body, sources from the Executive point out to In total, after this reinforcement, the places offered in the SEPE for 2021 thus amount to “1,276”, with another 350 approved before.

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The extraordinary offer has already obtained the approval of the Ministry of Finance and Public Function, which has to authorize the calls for employment requested by the different ministries, as in this case Labor. The measure has received the backing of the unions CCOO, UGT and the Confederación Intersindical Galega (CIG). The extraordinary call means a reinforcement of the SEPE staff “of more than 10%”, collects Europa Press.

“It is a step in the right direction, insufficient, but in the right direction. The Secretary of State for Public Function has promised that these 926 positions are only part of the necessary solution and not all the necessary solution”, explains Josetxo Gándara, responsible of CCOO in the AGE (General State Administration). “It is insufficient, but a bird in hand is better,” they point out from the UGT representation in the SEPE.

CSIF has criticized the offer as insufficient. “CSIF requested an extraordinary offer that would make it possible to recover 3,500 places, which represent the structural deficit in the organization, within a period of two years, although the Ministry of Public Function has not accepted it.”

In the Treasury they point out that the reinforcement of the SEPE staff this year will be “20%”, collects Europa Press, also taking into account the reinforcement of 250 interns of the organism.

This is how the squares are distributed

The positions offered are divided into 192 for the Management Body of the State Civil Administration and another 734 remaining for the General Administrative Body of the State Administration, union sources confirm to this medium.

The SEPE unions have been denouncing for years the lack of personnel as a result of the cuts of the austerity years and of the non-replaced pensions. With the pandemic, the shortcomings became more evident in the face of the avalanche of ERTE and, initially, of contract terminations.

Work overload is not only suffered by staff who do not give more of themselves, the unions warn, but also by citizens, with SEPE telephones impossible to contact and the delay in getting face-to-face appointments.

In recent months, due to the cancellation of temporary reinforcement positions in the public body, the unions raised their voices for the supposed restrictions that the Ministry of Finance and Public Function was placing. In the CCOO they indicated in the summer to this media that in 2019, before the pandemic, “SEPE workers could no longer handle the workload they had and now much less.” At the time, the union considered that the body needed about 1,500 members to function normally. “If they want us to be like in 2020, with a total blockade, let them say so,” Gándara complained then

More places in 2022

This last minute offer does not replace the one scheduled for next year. The forecast is that the places in this 2021 will increase with another call for public employment planned in 2022, as has learned.

This structural reinforcement of the template responds to the objective of allowing to assume the workload that the SEPE has under normal conditions, they explain to this medium. In addition, the agency could be strengthened with programs of interim officials for specific job demands.

The Ministry of Labor announced a few weeks ago its plans to leave the SEPE behind and move towards the new “State Employment Agency” in the coming years, hand in hand with a new Employment Law. The objective is through more personalized public services, with training and tutoring. The representatives of the staff warn that all plans must go through the reinforcement of the body or there will be no resources to execute them.