Sunday, October 2

The Government asks the European Parliament to allow the use of Catalan, Basque and Galician

The Government has requested by letter to the European Parliament that it be possible to use Catalan, Galician and Basque in plenary sessions held in the institution and that they be put on the same level as the rest of the official languages ​​used by MEPs in speeches.

This has been reported by the Government after the meeting this Friday between the Catalan Minister of Culture, Natàlia Garriga, and the Minister of Territorial Policy and Government spokesperson, Isabel Rodríguez.

The meeting has served to address the commitments of the last dialogue table in relation to the use of Catalan and the rest of the official languages ​​in areas such as the Senate or the European Parliament.

Last July, both executives agreed to promote the use of official languages ​​in areas such as the Senate, where it is already used in some initiatives, although a reform of the Regulation is being processed to make them universal.

The request, the Executive has indicated, has been made in a context of greater demand for “transparency” and improvements in “citizen participation”. The Government has agreed to assume the costs of the initiative and negotiate the details of its implementation.

As explained by the Ministry of Territorial Policy, the measure has precedents in 2005 and 2009 when the Foreign Ministry proposed the negotiation of an administrative agreement between the European Parliament and the State that would allow certain uses of the State languages ​​in the European Parliament.

On the other hand, Garriga has proposed to Rodríguez a work plan that guarantees that the State administration provides services in Catalan in Catalonia.

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