Monday, February 26

The Government asks the Generalitat to avoid the sacrifice of more than 30 beagle puppies used for an experiment

The Ministry of Social Rights and the 2030 Agenda has sent a letter to the Generalitat asking it not to sacrifice the 32 beagle puppies that are going to be used in a research project by Vivotecnia and the University of Barcelona through the Parc Científic.

Cruelty Free International uncovers images of extreme animal cruelty in the Vivotecnia laboratory in Madrid

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The UB, a public university, contracted through a tender for 255,648.8 euros through its organization Parc Cientific de Barcelona the services of the laboratory. The contract is to test a drug in single and repeated doses in dogs and with a duration of five months. The Vivotecnia company has opened a judicial procedure in Madrid after the animal abuse scandal revealed in an investigation by the NGO Cruelty Free International (CFI) published in April last year in

In a statement issued this Friday, the Government has expressed that the General Directorate for Animal Rights is “concerned” about the more than 30 puppies. Thus, they have reported that they have asked both the Catalan Generalitat and the Science Park to “study” to stop the slaughter of animals and have notified that they will be able to use their Veterinary Inspection services to supervise the welfare of the puppies during experimentation.

On the other hand, to comply with the legislation that establishes that animals that are well are relocated and facilitated for adoption, the General Directorate for Animal Rights adds in the note that it offers to “facilitate, manage and supervise ” the transfer of the puppies to protectors and carry out the “necessary actions” to guarantee their well-being when the project ends.

Finally, he concludes that “everything possible” must be done so that the animals that “unfortunately” are used in experimental projects preserve their lives.

In addition to the Government, this week the mayor of Barcelona has also interceded for the puppies. In a letter, Ada Colau asked the Minister of Climate Action, Food and Rural Agenda of the Generalitat to avoid the sacrifice of these ‘beagles’. “We all remember the horrible images of animal abuse that this company [Vivotecnia] carried out in Madrid,” he said. “We ask the Generalitat to exercise its powers and protect the rights of animals.”