Saturday, July 24

The Government authorizes the agreement to rent the Carmen Thyssen collection for 6.5 million euros per year

The Council of Ministers this Tuesday gave the green light to the Royal Decree Law in which the State is authorized to sign the rental contract for the art collection of Baroness Carmen Thyssen. As sources from the Ministry of Culture have confirmed to Efe, the Council of Ministers has approved the authorization for the State to sign the contract with the aristocrat, which will have to be ratified by Congress and the details of which will be known later.

The decision was made at the meeting in which Miquel Iceta was released as the head of Culture. Last week, the former Minister of Culture José Manuel Rodríguez Uribes advanced that in “a matter of days” this agreement would be made public “after 20 years of uncertainty” and that it will give “stability and legal security” to the museum in the next 15 years.

The agreement reached between Uribes and Carmen Thyssen last January includes the rental of 427 works from the Baroness’s collection for 15 years for an amount of 6.5 million euros per year; later, the State will have the option to purchase the collection.

It also includes the return of the Kill Mua, one of the iconic works of the Baroness’s collection that came out of the Thyssen Museum after one of the most critical crises between both parties. The agreement, in which the Baroness’s son, Borja Thyssen, has also participated, puts an end to more than two decades of negotiations between the Government and the Baroness for her collection.

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