Sunday, December 10

The Government calculates that it has implemented 98% of its 1,494 commitments and considers more than half fulfilled

The coalition has already passed the halfway point of the legislature and has managed to fulfill more than half of the 1,494 commitments it has made, according to the data of the accountability balance that Pedro Sánchez has presented, as every semester. The Government’s calculation is that 53.3% of the promises they have made in different formats (the programmatic agreement, the investiture speech or even in interviews throughout the mandate) have been carried out and they estimate that this percentage will increase to 61% at the end of the year.

The Government rules out for now reforming sedition despite the desire to promote legal changes that make ERC happy

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The Government has initiated procedures to implement 98% of the commitments, which in the last half year have increased by thirteen, among which is the controversial increase in military spending that Sánchez committed to in the framework of the summit of NATO and that divides the bipartisan. The new promises also include support measures for Ukraine, financing to the same extent as the Andalusian Government the new line 3 of the Seville Metro or exploring the regulation of professional secrecy contained in article 20 of the Constitution, among others.

The bulk of the commitments are stable and are included in the agreement signed by Pedro Sánchez and Pablo Iglesias in December 2019 as well as in the investiture speech. In fact, they are the ones with a higher level of execution. Of the 428 commitments that appear in the ‘bible’ of the coalition, Moncloa considers that 54.9% have been overcome; the figure increases to 59% in the case of those that Sánchez acquired before Congress.

On the opposite side of the scale, there are 2% of committed measures for which not a single step has been taken to bring them to fruition. In total, there are 29, according to the compilation that includes the ‘Compliance report’ prepared by the Accountability Unit dependent on the General Secretariat of the Presidency based on the information it channels through the 22 ministries. Among the measures that have not been activated are the law on freedom of conscience or the asylum law.

Throughout the legislature, twelve of the proposals have declined, which means that they are discarded in a “motivated” manner, according to the report. In the last semester, the Government has given up on two cases: one was to convert the Center for Coordination of Health Alerts and Emergencies (CCAES) into an autonomous body that will finally be articulated with the creation of a new State Public Health Center and the other the promotion of a working group with autonomous communities and the city council to deal with the relaxation of the spending rule, which in the end has not been necessary because the EU has activated the safeguard clause that has allowed the objectives of budgetary stability and public debt to be breached.

The Fulfilling report, which is validated by a group of experts, makes it possible to analyze the level of execution of the Government’s commitments and also if there are changes in the discourse. This has happened, for example, with the reform of the crime of sedition that Moncloa is now cooling under the argument that it does not have a sufficient parliamentary majority to carry out the initiative, which was defended by Sánchez himself in an interview in 2020 to homologate the Code Spanish prison to that of other European countries. Government sources acknowledge that this change in criminal law appears in the report as a commitment in which no progress has been made in the last six months.

One of the novelties included in the document –and also its visualization on the web– with respect to its previous editions is that it distributes compliance by topic. Specifically, it separates them into 41 topics ranging from climate change to electricity and gas, passing through territorial cohesion or employment. The one with the highest degree of execution is “modernization of defense and military support”, although the associated initiatives are fewer than in other sections (only 31). Among the pending subjects are water and sports, with only 32% compliance. The division does not occur by ministries or territories. “We don’t want it to be a race. We want the government’s action to be explained”, they point out in Moncloa.

“We will propose that with data this is a Government that complies, and that despite all the difficulties, it advances in the fulfillment of the commitments that it acquired with the partners and the citizens”, assures the Secretary General of the Presidency, Fran Martín. In the Government they assume that 100% of fulfilled commitments will not be reached and with reaching 80% they come with a bang in their teeth. What Martín emphasizes is that the “exercise of striptease” of the Government should last for future legislatures.