Friday, January 21

The Government complains against Casado for his hoaxes about the Catalan school

The Government has activated criminal proceedings against the leader of the PP, Pablo Casado, for having fed hoaxes about Catalan at school. The Generalitat accuses Casado of insults, slander and incitement to hatred and has already registered the complaint before the Supreme Court, an instance before which the head of the ‘popular’ is registered.

This was announced this Tuesday at a press conference after the Executive Council, the spokesperson for the Government, Patrícia Plaja, who has accused Casado of lying by ensuring that children who speak Spanish are prohibited from going to the bathroom during classes. “There are red lines that cannot be crossed and if they are crossed they will find the Government of the Generalitat fighting them,” Plaja assured.

Two days after feeding the hoaxes about the school in Catalan, Casado acknowledged that he had actually read “a piece of news from ten years ago”, which, in his opinion, shows that the case of the Canet de Mar school (Barcelona) “It is not new”. By then the Government and the pro-independence parties had already announced legal actions against Casado.

The one with urine was not the only hoax elevated to political discourse by Casado. He also said that “the children of national police officers and civil guards are pointed out in class and it is said that they cannot be integrated”, in reference to the case of Sant Andreu de la Barca filed by the judge, and that there are children to whom that they get “stones in their backpack” for speaking Spanish in the yard.

That of the backpacks and stones is a narrative resource of criticism of nationalism that has its origin in 1997 not in Catalonia but in the Biscayan town of Zeanuri. A group of parents denounced that the monitors of a summer camp loaded their children with stones for speaking Spanish between them, something that the director denied.

Casado transferred this complaint from almost 25 years ago to the Catalonia of the XXI century in the framework of the political dispute as a child of the judicial decision to force a center in Canet to teach 25% of classes in Spanish in a P class. -5 because the family of a minor requested it.

The Catalan president, Pere Aragonès, already announced last weekend that he had transferred Casado’s “infamous statements” to the legal services of the Generalitat. The Government frames the complaint in the “defense” of teachers against “indecent attacks”, and has decided to include in it the crime of incitement to hatred, a criminal offense designed to protect minorities historically discriminated against for racist reasons or sexual orientation.

In its complaint, the Generalitat believes that in Casado’s words “the incitement to hostility against the population of Catalonia for having their own official language, Catalan, is constitutionally recognized, and which coexists with the Castilian language, is clearly stated.”

Casado’s speech, the writing abounds, “manifests a clear discriminatory and denigrating desire, directed against a part of the population, for cultural or idiomatic reasons, with sufficient capacity to incite hatred against them, or damage their dignity.”

Apart from the complaint of the Government, Junts per Catalunya has also brought Married before the Supreme Court for the same crimes. The independentistas accuse the ‘popular’ leader of inciting hatred against Catalan teachers and sovereignist parties with “hoaxes” that “dehumanize” them and present them as “ruthless monsters.”

In his writing, Junts acknowledges that debating, even vehemently, about the best educational system or the most appropriate method for the linguistic training of minors, is part of the “legitimate discrepancy”, although he denounces that it is “intolerable” that it is undermine their honor through “hoaxes” and “fake news” whose objective is to “intoxicate” public opinion and “promote hatred” against certain professional groups and political groups.