Wednesday, February 21

The Government considers the modification of the immersion a “good proposal” despite the unchecking of Junts

A “good agreement” and a positive “starting point”. This is how the Government has described this Saturday the proposal registered this Thursday by PSC, ERC, Junts and comuns to modify the language policy law that modifies linguistic immersion in schools by introducing Spanish as the vehicular language for the first time. The Executive has transferred a positive and supportive look to this initiative of the parties despite the changing position of Junts, who despite having negotiated and signed the text, on Thursday afternoon took a profile after receiving harsh criticism from sectors close to the formation.

Neither immersion nor 25% Spanish: Catalonia explores a new consensus on the linguistic model

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The Government is celebrating this weekend the second days of coexistence, this time at the Palau de Pedralbes, to assess the cohesion and progress of the coalition. After the meeting this Saturday, the spokeswoman Patricia Plaja has appeared to account for the balance of the legislature. But, in addition to this, Plaja explained that President Pere Aragonès and Vice President Jordi Puigneró, as heads of each Government party, have taken advantage of the meeting to discuss the “prosecution of Catalan” and the legislative changes undertaken, and have ended drafting a document with four points of consensus.

Among the agreements, the commitment of the Government to promote Catalan in all areas stands out, the defense that Catalan continues to be the vehicular language in schools and the will to work to find “all possible mechanisms to put an end to the judicialization of Catalan in schools and separate the courts from linguistic issues”. Lastly, the Government also highlights the “great political consensus in the defense of Catalan”. “It is considered that the agreement of the Parliament is a good proposal and a good starting point and what is needed is to continue doing what is necessary in all areas”, Plaja has stated, who has highlighted that at this time the language the weakest is the Catalan.

This qualification of “starting point” tries to fit Junts’ position, which I consider that the text presented should “gather the maximum consensus” and, therefore, was open to modifying it in the parliamentary procedure. However, it must be taken into account that these procedures will be minimal, since the formations, including Junts, registered the proposal by the urgent route and in a single reading.

The spokeswoman has avoided taking a position on whether the proposal should be approved as it was registered or undergo changes. “There is a procedure and some steps to follow, but this is the one that is agreed by the parliamentary groups”, Plaja highlighted. The spokeswoman has also preferred not to assess the possibility of delaying the parliamentary process to try to achieve more consensus with the entities and the school community. “From the Government we will work to expand this social consensus as much as possible”, Plaja settled, after announcing that in the coming days there would be contacts between the Executive and these sectors.