Tuesday, July 5

The Government creates a fund to cover the guarantee of 5.4 million of those indicted by the Court of Accounts

The Government will cover the bonds that total 5.4 million euros of the 34 former leaders and officials prosecuted by the Court of Accounts for the external expenses of the process. After weeks of debate on the legal framework of the measure and pressure from some sovereign parties and entities, the Catalan Executive has presented this Tuesday the so-called Complementary Risk Fund to “cover” the judicial or administrative claims of public workers and senior officials .

The decision comes after the Court of Auditors gave 34 high-ranking officials and officials until the end of this month of July, among them the former presidents Mas, Puigdemont and the former vice-president Junqueras, to pay 5.4 million euros for the expenses. related to the external promotion of the process that, according to the supervisory body, exceeded the limit of statutory legality.

The fund, which will be created at the proposal of the Economy and Presidency departments, will have an initial contribution of 10 million euros and will be updated annually depending on the settlements that have been made. Until a separate entity is created to manage it, the fund will be in the hands of the Catalan Institute of Finance (ICF).