Thursday, July 7

The Government defends the new national security law in the face of criticism from PP and Vox

The Government vindicates the draft of the new national security law approved on June 22 by the Council of Ministers in the face of the strong criticism received from the opposition after revealing part of the content of the new text, which provides for greater control of the Executive in cases of serious crises such as the pandemic.

Casado sees a “real nonsense” the new National Security Law because it goes “against democratic freedoms”

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The Minister of Defense, Margarita Robles, assured this Wednesday that the law that the Government is preparing will be applied only in “absolutely exceptional” situations and recalled that the draft is an initial text, which has “a long journey”. “The philosophy of the text is very exceptional, only for absolutely exceptional circumstances,” Robles said when asked about the draft, reports EFE.

Robles stressed that it is a “first initial text”, “which has a long journey” and until it is debated in Congress and the Senate, it will not be known how it will be. Until then, he said, the draft must be seen as an initial text.

The law has elicited reactions from opposition parties. From the PP, its leader, Pablo Casado, believes that it is “a real nonsense” that leads to a system that his party wants to “avoid, which goes against the democratic freedoms of citizens.” The party’s national spokesman and mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, affirmed yesterday that if this law “were being made by the PP”, the streets would be “absolutely on fire” and it would be labeled “that we are going towards a Totalitarian state “.

For its part, Vox already warned on Tuesday that it will appeal it if it violates individual or fundamental rights and goes against the Constitution, since it warned that the Government cannot propose measures such as access to personal property without going through Parliament.

Regulate industrial production

According to the Government, the purpose of the Draft Bill is to comply with the third final provision of the National Security Law, of 2015, according to which the Government “must submit to the Congress of Deputies a draft law regulating the preparation and disposition of the contribution of resources to National Security “. In this sense, the Government considers that the experience of the health crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the need to comply with said regulatory mandate and complete the legal regime for the contribution of resources to national security. .

Law 36/2015, of September 28, on National Security provides for the declaration by the President of the Government of a situation of interest to national security, which allows integrating the action of all available resources of the affected public administrations.

Therefore, this amendment provides, among other issues, to establish the need to regulate industrial production in Spain based on the needs dictated by the crisis situation. Likewise, the Strategic Reserve based on National Industrial Production Capacities (RECAPI) is regulated, with the aim of finding a solution to the dependence on foreign supply and the fragility of the international commercial flow of the necessary resources and materials. In addition, new powers are assigned to the National Security Council related to the elaboration of the catalog of resources of the National Security System and the Strategic Reserve based on RECAPI.

The possibility is also envisaged that the National Security Council, after having detected a scenario that could lead to a declaration of a situation of interest to national security, can adopt the necessary measures so that the preparation plans and application of resources are available. can be executed as quickly as possible, once said declaration is made.