Wednesday, August 10

The Government delegate in Andalusia defends the use of the tank “in critical moments”

The slim of the Government in Andalusia, Pedro Fernández Peñalver, has defended this Tuesday that the tank of the Police Intervention Units (UIP) that has been seen in recent days in the streets of Cádiz is used “in critical moments” and has added that the response to the strike of the metal workers is being “balanced”, since “in eight days of strike there have been practically no injuries to regret.”

This has been assured on Cadena SER this Tuesday morning in an interview in which he has been confident that the demonstration that takes place during the day “is going to be peaceful.” “The deployment is made from an understanding with the protesters,” Fernández said. “The idea is to call for calm and that it is compatible to demonstrate and the safety of the people, so I trust that the demonstration will be peaceful and there will be no need to intervene.”

Regarding the UIP tank, for which Unidas Podemos has asked for explanations, Fernández has assured that “it is a medium that the IPU has but is not equipped with anything that could generate attacks, since it is not a military vehicle” . Therefore, it has asserted that “it is not a military vehicle, but an armored one with more resistant wheels and a front shovel to remove the burned barricades.” “It does not carry elements to make defenses or attack protesters,” he insisted.

The presence of the tank, as confirmed by the delegate, is a decision of the security forces: “They take it out when there is a possibility of attacks on the agents, throwing stones for example. Also to remove barricades or avoid the cutting of roads, in those critical moments. Today I hope that it is not used. ”

United We can have internally transferred to its government partners its discomfort when seeing the image of the tank in the protests for the metal strike in Cadiz. They have asked for explanations, since as it is a protest by workers, they consider that the use of this material is not justified. Specifically, the second vice president and Minister of Labor, Yolanda Díaz, has been the one who has transferred this discomfort to the PSOE, according to party sources.