Sunday, July 3

The Government delegate in Galicia asks for “time” to clarify Samuel’s crime and does not rule out now the homophobic motivation

The Government Delegate in Galicia, José Miñoñes, asks for “time” to clarify the homicide that at dawn on Saturday ended the life of Samuel, a 24-year-old young man who was on the seafront in A Coruña when a group of people beat him up. According to the first police reports, the attack originated from a discussion related to the use of a mobile phone, but now the representation of the Government in Galicia is open to the possibility that it is a homophobic crime after the dissemination of testimonies of witnesses who relate that one of the assailants yelled at Samuel “Fagot”. “None of the routes is ruled out,” Miñones assured in a brief appearance before the media.

The Government Delegate has asked for “prudence” and claims margin for the police to do their job: “I would ask for time so that we let the professionals work.”

In addition, Miñones has denied the existence of detainees, a point that this newspaper reported in the last hours supported by the account of sources in the investigation. After a weekend of silence, the Government Delegation now says that the taking of statements from 13 people who are related to the events are part of the normal work of an investigation that is in its initial phase and in which, the agents, They are viewing the cameras that were able to capture the sequence at the time Samuel was mortally assaulted.

The investigation relates a group of people to the events and works on the witness account that indicates that after the first blows a group of people continued to kick Samuel on the ground until he stopped moving.