Tuesday, June 6

The Government Delegation in Galicia allows a demonstration of hundreds of deniers without a mask in Santiago

The Government Delegation in Galicia has allowed hundreds of people to demonstrate this Saturday afternoon in the center of Santiago de Compostela with slogans against vaccines and questioning the existence of COVID-19 and without wearing a mask. The protest was communicated since last January 10. She was supported by organizations such as Doctors for Truth, Psychologists for Truth or Warriors of Light Vigo. A police device was advancing with the protesters to cut off traffic in its path.

To organize it, buses were chartered from different points of Galicia. The call called for a demonstration “for freedom” and asked the attendees for a “peaceful” attitude and for the event to take place “without symbols or ideologies.” The presence of Natalia Prego and Alejandro Sousa, two doctors from the Galician Health Service (Sergas) active within the Doctors for Truth organization and whom the Ministry of Health investigated without any consequences, was also announced. There are no complaints against him.

In the various speeches delivered this Saturday at the end of the tour, in Praza da Quintana, the organizers did resort to identifying slogans of various movements: from ‘They will not pass’ or ‘Never again’ to the song ‘Libertad sin ira’. ‘Let the children sing’ or ‘Libre’, by Nino Bravo, also sounded in the heart of the old area of ​​Compostela.

In the interventions of several of those present, they proclaimed themselves “the resistance” and encouraged the police to support them. “If they support us, this falls,” said one of the organizers. They also charged against vaccines against COVID-19: “It is not a vaccine, it is experimental material.” They also distributed material with false content, such as the fact that the World Health Organization (WHO) does not recommend injections for children or adolescents. The WHO does support them.