Monday, December 5

The Government delivers a document with “19 excuses” from the PP to the Commissioner of Justice to block the Judiciary

The Government does not want the PP story regarding the blockade of the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ) to end up imposing itself, as MEP Esteban González Pons has dealt with in Brussels. For this reason, the Minister of the Presidency, Félix Bolaños, has handed over to the European Commissioner for Justice, Didier Reynders, a document that includes the “19 excuses” that the main opposition party has made for refusing to renew the governing body of the judges. , which is approaching four years since its mandate has expired and is facing an unprecedented crisis with the announcement of the resignation of its president, Carlos Lesmes.

The PP maneuvers in Brussels to try to maintain its blockade in the Judiciary

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The document includes the refusals of Pablo Casado, since in August 2020 he denied the possibility of reaching an agreement “with those who ask for the abdication of the King, the independence of Catalonia and the whitening of batasunos” to the demand that Podemos be left out of the negotiation or the lethargy due to the holding of elections. Already during the mandate of Alberto Núñez Feijóo, in addition to the delay due to the Andalusian elections, the list prepared by Moncloa includes the conditions that the PP has set, such as the withdrawal of the reform so that the Judiciary can make appointments or negotiate the change of the election system in parallel.

That is precisely what the PP clings to, since Brussels points to the need for the judges’ governing body to be renewed, but also proposes that the magistrates be the ones who elect at least part of its governing body. This approach is not shared by the PSOE, which maintains that with the current formula the judges already choose their candidates because they prepare a list from which the members are subsequently chosen in the Cortes by a three-fifths majority.

The Government expects little from the 48 hours that Ryenders is going to spend in Spain, although it trusts that he will focus on asking the PP for renewal and not go into domestic issues such as the election model. “Minister Bolaños thanked Commissioner Reynders for his visit to Spain to call the Popular Party to dialogue, in order to put an end to this institutional crisis caused by his refusal to renew the Council,” say sources from the Ministry of the Presidency, who assure that the attitude of non-compliance with the law by the Popular Party and its irresponsibility are damaging the prestige of the judiciary and the reputation of Spain outside our country“.

This same Thursday, Esteban González Pons has shown the determination to maintain the blockade until the end of the legislature. “Imagine that the Spanish Presidency of the EU begins with a report that compares us with Hungary and Poland. That would delegitimize the entire Presidency of Spain”, he pointed out. Coinciding with Reynders’ visit, Feijóo’s right-hand man in the judicial field has assured that there is no “deadline” to reach an agreement that they will only agree to under his conditions, reports Aitor Riveiro.

Sources from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs assure that the situation of the Judiciary has nothing to do with the Spanish Presidency and that at no time in his meeting with Minister José Manuel Albares did the commissioner express “concern” in this regard. “On the contrary, they have talked about supporting each other in many files that will be ripe for approval at that time,” they explain.