Monday, September 20

The Government demands that the false complaint not be used to deny the increase in homophobic violence

The Government and progressive parties have asked in the last hours that the false report of a homophobic aggression in the center of Madrid this week not be used to deny the reality of the increase in hate crimes and, specifically, of violence against the LGTBI collective. The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, has said that “he cannot prevent himself from describing the reality suffered by people of different sexual orientations”, while the Minister of Social Rights, Ione Belarra, has assured that “professional haters” take refuge in these facts “to deny” a violence that is real.

The LGTBI paradox in Spain: leader in social progress but scene of cruel homophobic attacks

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Sánchez has sent this Tuesday his “solidarity, affection and empathy towards LGTBI people” when it was revealed that the complainant of a homophobic attack in the Malasaña neighborhood invented it. “This false complaint cannot prevent us from describing what is true, the reality that people of different sexual orientations suffer unfortunately because of the fact that they are as they are,” said the socialist leader.

Sánchez called a meeting of the commission to monitor the plan to fight hate crimes as a result of that complaint. An appointment that has not been canceled despite transcending its falsehood. The concern in the socialist ranks is that this specific fact serves social sectors to question homophobia and complicates the fight for the rights of the LGTBI collective. For this reason, Sánchez has emphasized that hate crimes are increasing in Spain and has assured that the Executive will continue to “put measures and instruments on the table to stop” this increase.

From United We Can, the reaction has been very similar. “We are not going to allow them to use it to deny the cases of violence that LGTBI people tell us every day,” said the Minister of Social Rights, Ione Belarra, in statements to journalists this Thursday.

Belarra also recalled that the statistics show a great rise in hate crimes in recent years. And that they denounce them of discrimination towards LGTBI people also rise. “They do not hire them, they do not rent an apartment, they are afraid to go down the street hand in hand,” he said. This Wednesday, the Minister of Equality, Irene Montero, recalled that crimes against the LGTBI community have increased by 43%. “That the tree does not prevent us from seeing the forest,” Montero said.

Belarra, for her part, has claimed not to focus on false accusations, which “are used to deny” a violence that is real. “The extreme right makes this country more insecure and that there are people who do not feel free. We are not going to allow it,” he concluded.

Beyond the Government, other progressive forces have pointed in the same direction as those of the Government. The deputy of Más País Iñígo Errejón has pointed out during the appearance of the Minister of the Presidency people who are less free, who live in fear, who doubt if they are going to shake hands or how to dress “because of the” wave of hatred “that has “triggered aggressions” against migrants and LGTBI.

“Today in Spain there are people who are less free, who live in fear, who doubt if they are going to shake hands, which streets to walk through or who doubt how to dress. Today in practice they are second-rate citizens because they do not enjoy the rest of freedoms that those of us who have other privileges enjoy, “he said, before asking the Government to give priority attention to this matter.

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