Sunday, May 28

The Government denies for the second time the pardon to the corrupt ex-judge Salvador Alba

The Council of Ministers has denied for the second time the pardon for him corrupt ex-judge Salvador Albasentenced to six and a half years in prison for the three crimes that he committed (judicial prevarication, bribery and documentary falsification) when he conspired against Victoria Rosellcurrent delegate of the Government against Gender Violence, with the aim of harming the political and professional career of the then deputy of Podemos.

This second file has been processed at the request of the parents of the convicted person, who had requested this measure of grace for their son through a letter in which they suggested that the magistrate on leave had falsely denounced and accused him, despite the fact that the investigation It was opened ex officio after a recording was released in which the then judge was heard plotting against Rosell.

This second request for pardon was rejected by the Council of Ministers in the session held on Tuesday, May 16. The first, denied in November, was filed by Alba’s wife, Teresa Lorenzo, a lawyer for the Justice Administration.

In the first file, the Superior Court of Justice of the Canary Islands (TSJC), which is the body in charge of the execution of the sentence, had already opposed the measure of grace, stressing that the former judge had not shown any sign of repentance and in which the crimes for which he had been convicted are “the most serious” that a magistrate can commit in the exercise of his functions.

Shortly after that first request was denied by the Council of Ministers, it was Alba’s parents who requested clemency, defending that their son was innocent and that they were treating him “as if he were a murderer.” In its mandatory report, Penitentiary Institutions also did not record any repentance from the corrupt former judge, although it did allude to his proper behavior inside the Estrenera prison, where he works as a dining room cleaning assistant.

Alba entered prison on October 18, 2022, almost a year after his sentence was final. He first entered the Salto del Negro prison, in Gran Canaria, to later move to Madrid, to the Estremera prison, at the end of that same month, after a stopover in Puerto de Santa María, in Cádiz.

The execution of the sentence was delayed eleven months because his defense tried to avoid or delay his entry into prison, alleging that he suffered from diseases incompatible with a stay in a penitentiary center. It was in February 2022, just one day before the expiration of the term that the courts had given him for voluntary admission to prison, when Alba’s lawyer presented the brief with medical reports that, according to the defense, proved that he was not He could travel by plane to go to one of the prisons that have special security modules for prisoners who, like Alba, have served as authorities in charge of prosecuting crimes.

Up to three forensic reports found that the ailments alleged by Alba could be treated in prison, so there was no impediment to serving the sentence in a prison. He finally did so on October 18 of last year, the same day that the TSJC had issued a search and capture order against him.

Alba was sentenced for manipulating a criminal procedure with the aim of damaging the reputation of the magistrate whom he replaced in the Investigating Court 8 of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Victoria Rosell, when the current Government delegate against Gender Violence decided stand for election as an independent on the Podemos lists in 2015. In addition to the prison sentence, the sentence imposed 18 years of disqualification on Alba, the payment of a fine of 12,150 euros and the obligation to compensate the victim with 60,000 euros .

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