Friday, March 24

The Government extends the suspension of evictions and the prohibition of cutting supplies to the most vulnerable

The Council of Ministers will approve at its meeting this Tuesday the extension of two of the main measures contained in the social shield that was launched in 2020 to protect the most vulnerable from the consequences of the pandemic. It is about the prohibition of the cut of supplies to citizens with more difficulty to meet these expenses and the suspension of evictions, as government sources have confirmed to this newspaper.

The mileurismo finally becomes the minimum wage of the Spanish

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As explained by the Executive, “Unidas Podemos has been negotiating with the PSOE for weeks to approve the extension of both measures, although it has not managed to get the government partner to agree to include the extension of rental contracts in the package as well.”

For now, the ban on supply cuts will be extended until June 30. Thus, in the next four months, the supply of electricity, natural gas and water to consumers in vulnerable situations cannot be suspended.

Regarding the prohibition of evictions, this will be extended until next September 30 and will affect people in a situation of vulnerability without alternative housing. Families in a vulnerable situation, with children, people in a situation of dependency and victims of sexist violence residing in homes owned by large owners, even if they do not have a license to do so, may also be accepted.

Measures to “leave no one behind”

For the confederal formation, both measures are “indispensable” to guarantee “no one is left behind” at this time when the country is beginning a recovery stage.

The Executive approved last October the extension of the measures of the social shield until February 28 of the anti-eviction actions, the moratorium on the payment of rents and the prohibition of electricity, water and gas cuts, although in this new extension that is decided this Tuesday is left out as regards housing.