Thursday, December 8

The Government gives Spanish nationality to the surviving sailor of the Villa de Pitanxo

Samuel Kwesi Koufie, a sailor of Ghanaian origin who survived the sinking of the Villa de Pitanxo, already has Spanish nationality, a proposal made by the Minister of Justice and ratified by the Council of Ministers on Tuesday. This is how it is collected this Wednesday, October 12, Columbus Day, the State official newsletter (BOE), which attributes this decision to the “exceptional circumstances” in which the sailor finds himself.

The testimony of Samuel Kwesi Koufie, one of the only three survivors of the shipwreck, is key to the investigation of what happened, since it differs diametrically from that provided by the other two: the older skipper and his nephew. According to the Ghanaian sailor, in the moments before the sinking of the ship in Newfoundland there was no express order to put on the survival suits, something that caught his attention because his skipper and his nephew did wear them.

In the testimony that he ratified before the National Court, Kwesi also described that the engine did not stop, but that the winches that pick up the gear stopped working well, tightening but not picking up and causing the list. For this reason, he assured him, the sailors shouted at Padín to drop the gear, but he refused. Later, with the ship very tilted, the engine stopped and the list to port increased, Kwesi said.