Wednesday, August 10

The Government guarantees the approval of the Budgets with the support of ERC

ERC will vote in favor of the Budgets and, with its thirteen supports, will assure the Government the approval of the new accounts, as confirmed by sources from the Executive to this newspaper. Their support was determined by the negotiation of the new Audiovisual Law, which is not included in the Accounts, but there has finally been an agreement on the matter, according to the sources consulted.

The Government agrees the small print of the Budgets with its partners and will cancel 9,300 million that the opposition sneaked

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Republican votes will be added to 5 from EH Bildu, 2 from Más País, one from Compromís and another from PRC, who have also confirmed their support. In sum, all these endorsements, together with those of the parties that support the Executive – PSOE and United We Can – therefore reach 176 seats, reaching exactly the absolute majority of the Congress of Deputies.

It is still pending to know what the PNV vote will be, although both the forces that support the Executive and the Basque nationalists continue to confirm progress, and the agreement may be imminent.

This same Monday, EH Bildu, Más País and Compromís announced their ‘yes’ to the new accounts, thanks to different concessions from the Executive. The spokeswoman for the Basque independence activists in Congress, Mertxe Aizpurua, stressed that thanks to her dialogue with the Executive, the so-called “social shield” that was initially designed exclusively for the pandemic and that has been extended has been made “permanent”. by the Government. This shield includes the paralysis of evictions and the delay in the payment of rent for the most needy families, among other measures, such as the prohibition of cutting off supplies such as electricity and water.

EH Bildu’s achievements

In addition, EH Bildu managed to secure the issuance of ETB 3 throughout the Navarrese territory before the end of 2022, seeking and applying the necessary technical solutions that enable the issuance. And it has agreed with the Executive a “project for the digitalization and intelligent management of audiovisual media in Basque”. It is “an investment of 500,000 euros that will help to achieve greater access to its contents and a greater reach towards new sectors of the population.”

The negotiation with EH Bildu allowed last week the incorporation of a compensation fund for asbestos victims that was also supported by ERC. The independence formation obtained the commitment of PSOE and United We Can to provide 25 million euros to that fund. In addition, among the initiatives, an item of 200,000 euros is incorporated to restore the Sestao Blast Furnace.

And other infrastructure improvements in Euskadi and Navarra are included, such as the execution of a cycle track between Irurtzun (Navarra) and Agurain (Álava), improvement actions on the Plentzia (Bizkaia) promenade, noise reductions on the Cercanías line that linking Bilbao and Santurtzi or improving the accessibility of Barakaldo station (Bizkaia).

In the negotiation, Compromís achieved 26.8 million more investment for the Valencian Community in terms of public transport, citrus and culture. 13 million will go to the railway line from Sagunt to Teruel, in an amendment signed jointly with Teruel Existe; 200,000 euros will be allocated to the drafting of the coastal train project, 11.5 million will go to improve the Valencian suburbs and 500,000 euros, for the drafting of the connection project between the Altet Airport, Elx and Alacant.

Negotiations with Compromís y Más País

Baldoví also achieved transactional amendments with the government parties, PSOE and United We Can, to allocate an additional million euros for the Palau de les Arts, which thus doubles its endowment; 100,000 euros for the Valencian musical societies, for which 8,000 euros had been budgeted, and 500,000 euros for the fight against cotonet in the Valencian citrus industry.

In addition, in the coming weeks the Government will publish a document with the adjusted population criteria that will solve the Valencian under-financing problem, since, also thanks to an agreement with Compromís, it will expand the regional financing item so that no territory is harmed.

Regarding what has been achieved by Más País, its spokesperson, Íñigo Errejón, explained on Monday that in the Budgets there will be a first item for the pilot project to reduce working hours for those companies that voluntarily take advantage of it, and it will be promoted the creation of a Spanish Agency for the Supervision of Artificial Intelligence. He also celebrated that the next accounts will allocate five million euros to increase psychologists and counselors in mental health in secondary education. It is, he said, a “first step” although he has admitted that it still falls short.