Monday, January 24

The ‘Government Infojobs’ is now official: this is all we know about this new state employment portal

The ‘Government Infojobs’ is now official. The Council of Ministers approved the draft bill on Friday that will regulate this new state service of employment, and now it will be sent to the Courts for debate and processing.

As we already reported in Xataka, the objective of this project is to convert the current State Public Employment Service (SEPE) into a new body, the Spanish Employment Agency, which achieves effectively collect all job offers published in Spain, both public and private. To do this, a larger budget will be provided to this new body.

As described in the draft, the reform is committed to the creation of a platform that “functions as a ‘job marketplace’ that connects all job seekers with all offers at the national level, both public and private. ”This new platform would include offers at both the state, regional and local levels.

The Second Vice President and Minister of Labor and Social Economy, Yolanda Díaz, has indicated that, to achieve this goal, companies will have to report all their vacancies to the new agency, although it has specified that no fines or penalties are contemplated for those who do not do so. Díaz has said that they expect companies to do so voluntarily because it will benefit them in their search for candidates.

The Minister of Labor has also explained that the new state employment portal will allow the Government collect a huge amount of data on the Spanish labor market, information that they want to take advantage of to guide training towards the jobs that companies demand the most.

Advisors and artificial intelligence

In order to improve access to employment for Spaniards, this new portal will have artificial intelligence tools for data management and 4,000 more counselors than there are currently in the SEPE.

Regarding AI, the plan of the Ministry of Labor is that the software helps them to cross information to know more precisely which positions are most suitable for each candidate and what advice should be given to the plaintiff to guide him in his search.

Regarding counselors, Work plans fold the current template, made up of some 3,000 professionals, up to 7,000, in order to serve a million people.

With the creation of this platform and the Spanish Employment Agency on which it will depend, the Government complies with one of the commitments that our country contracted with Europe to receive European money from the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Fund.