Wednesday, September 28

The Government launches a campaign to defend the right to go ‘topless’

The Department of Equality and Feminism of the Generalitat, led by the Minister Tània Verge, has released a video on social networks in which it claims the ‘topless’ and rejects that many women are pushed to cover their breasts in some bathing places in summer, something they consider a “sexualization” and “discrimination” for reasons of gender.

Posters, fudges and navels

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“That we have to cover our breasts in some spaces is an example” of this discrimination, they defend from Equality and Feminisms, which in their message posted on the networks. “The sexualization of women begins when they are little and accompanies us throughout our lives,” they add.

From the Generalitat they have launched this campaign coinciding with the world topless day and presenting it as a “reminder” of women’s rights.