Saturday, December 4

The Government launches as the last offer to the CUP to reach 1,000 million in housing

Last offer of the Government to the CUP to unblock its veto on the Budgets: reach 1,000 million euros in housing policies throughout 2022. The Executive has sent this figure as a final proposal before the capitalist formation meets its assembly this Saturday to decide whether to maintain the amendment to the totality of the accounts, which must be voted on Monday. The change in housing is the most relevant point in the response that the Generalitat has given the CUP to its last five demands, among which these 1,000 million were included. In a document to which this newspaper has had access, the Government collects some of the already known proposals, such as guaranteeing that no money will be allocated to Hard Rock, and dodging the demand of the anti-capitalists to obtain a commitment to the holding of a new referendum.

With this last exchange of proposals, the negotiation between the parties is settled pending the final decision of the CUP, which will meet its assembly this Saturday to assess the withdrawal of the amendment to the entirety. The bases of the formation were positioned last week with a clear majority (63%) in favor of vetoing the accounts, but also in favor of exhausting the negotiation. Now it will be the highest bodies of the CUP that will have to decide if the commitments taken from the Government are enough to change that decision.

Training sources indicate, however, that things have changed little in the last week. “We have found a government trying to renegotiate the minimum agreement of the investiture on issues such as housing, health or public energy,” the anti-capitalists lament. Along the same lines, from the CUP they point out that the Government’s commitment to tourism projects has not moved. “While they renegotiated the investiture agreement with the excuse that there was no margin, they continue to bet on nonsensical macroprojects such as Hard Rock, the Olympics in the Pyrenees or continue putting money into the bottomless pit that is the Circuit de Catalunya.”

In the response sent by the Government it is reflected that the offer made to the CUP in terms of housing is a commitment to reach 1,000 million euros in the execution of Budgets and “based on income”. In other words, there will be no changes in the items or in the spending ceiling already included in the project sent to Parliament, but the promised figure will be reached in the execution phase and throughout the year. However, in the Executive they take chest of the increase of resources that it supposes, since they affirm that the current 749 million budgeted supposes an increase of 410 with respect to the accounts of 2020.

However, from the CUP they also reduce the importance of these 1,000 million. “It is the total item in housing, which includes all the policies to be developed. It is an improvement in the 749 million, but it is still insufficient, especially because it will not be used to increase the public housing stock,” they indicate.

Investment in housing was one of the issues that already appeared in the investiture pact signed between ERC and the CUP. In that document, what was agreed was a “budget of 1,000 million per year in housing policies” in addition to “making 5,000 homes available per year, mobilizing, through trial and error, homes already built or pending rehabilitation that are not available to the public. rental park “.

There are no great advances in the rest of the points raised by the anti-capitalist formation. The Catalan Executive avoids the proposal to modify the personal income tax or to apply a new rate to the sale of second homes, and refers to the creation of a “working group made up of experts” to study it. On the other hand, there is a commitment to present in the coming months the new green taxes, already committed in the climate change law, such as port emissions and greenhouse gases, which would come into effect in 2022 and 2023 respectively.

Regarding the independence issue, the Executive has also chosen to lower the aspirations of the CUP. If, in the investiture agreement, ERC was committed to holding a “new democratic attack” in this legislature that would also “prioritize the way of the referendum”, in the drafting of the last proposal the Government undertakes to promote a working group. This will be the space where “the pro-independence majority in the Parliament of Catalonia will take into consideration and study the opportunity to promote, complement or seek alternatives in the context of the democratic attack on the State,” they affirm.

Along with this, the Govern parties also commit that, in the first half of 2023, “it will be analyzed whether the negotiation process of the Dialogue Table, negotiation and agreement has paid off and will decide the next steps, including completion virtual negotiation “. A phrase taken literally from the investiture agreement between ERC and the CUP.

In parallel to the offer sent to the anti-capitalists, the Government’s negotiators continue to advance in the talks with En Comú Podem. With this training ERC and Junts debate on investment in railways, which the commons want to increase to 600 million in four years, the start-up of a public dentist service, the reinforcement of mental health or a green neighborhood law that they amount to a total of 1,500 million euros in five years. In the last hours both parties have maintained contact but, this Friday, the commons have chosen to register an amendment to the whole. “This amendment is not a full stop, it is a full stop that should serve as a reminder to the Government that time is running out,” said the ECP deputy, David Cid.

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