Saturday, September 25

The Government launches its plan for the recovery of homes weighed down by the price of electricity

The Government has approved the regulatory plan for the remainder of the year in which Pedro Sánchez wants to focus on social and economic recovery after the COVID-19 pandemic. That has led him to renounce at least for now some commitments such as the comprehensive reform of the Penal Code. At a time with the polls against, the Executive intends that the bonanza of the economy reaches all households and that the final stretch of 2021 is the moment of recovery. However, the exorbitant price of electricity threatens to weigh down those plans.

United We can ask citizens to “press” with “mobilizations” to intervene on the price of electricity

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“The priority we have in the Government is economic and social recovery, that we recover our normal lives, that economic growth translates into well-being for all Spaniards. That is the absolute priority,” summarized the Minister of the Presidency, Félix Bolaños . The president’s intention is to turn the page of the worst moments of the pandemic now that Spain reaches the target of 70% of the vaccinated population and that is what he will focus his intervention on this Wednesday before representatives of the Ibex and also of civil society in a ceremony at Casa from America.

“The package of norms and legislative initiatives that we approve today are nothing more than an economic and social agenda for a just recovery,” reiterated Bolaños, who has assured that it is important that the bonanza – Spain is expected to be the country that grows the most in its environment in 2022 – bring with it “social cohesion”, “that economic growth reaches everyone and comes through redistribution mechanisms and that we not only fight against the pandemic but also continue to modernize our country,” he said.

But in the Government they are aware that the increase in the price of electricity is a hot potato that has an effect on the pocket of Spaniards much clearer than other types of problems and that it also involves a conflict within the Council of Ministers and with the rest of the parliamentary allies, who ask the Vice President and Minister of Ecological Transition, Teresa Ribera for more ambition. United We Can has called for the mobilization so that the Government intervenes the price of electricity in the face of the refusal of the socialists.

The socialist part of the cabinet has avoided commenting on that pulse of its minority partner and has framed it in the different position of the groups. “The issue of the price of electricity is an issue on which there is absolute sensitivity within the Government,” said the spokeswoman, Isabel Rodríguez, who recalled that she speaks at the press conferences of the Council of Ministers on behalf of all the Executive. “Our agenda is that these indisputable positive indicators are translated, as it cannot be otherwise in a progressive government, in social welfare and cohesion. It is a priority for the Government and proof of this is this regulatory plan,” he explained.

“The Government will not stop evaluating any possible action to save this situation that affects the economy of families and SMEs,” added Rodríguez, who has listed some of the measures that have been implemented, such as the suspension of the tax on the value of energy production, the extension of the social shield that the Government plans to extend or the reduction of VAT on the invoice. “These fiscal measures are cushioning the blow of the rise by up to 12%,” said Rodríguez, who has calculated that the two laws on this issue that are being processed by parliament can lower the cost by around 15% more.

The electricity bill has practically monopolized the questions in the press conference after the Council of Ministers – shorter than usual. In Moncloa they admit that it is a complex matter and that “pedagogy” is needed to understand how far the Government can go and what has already been put in place in order not to cloud its recovery plan.

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