Wednesday, March 22

The Government now closes the door to remove the inviolability of the king: “No majorities are given”

The Government now closes the door to eliminate the inviolability of the king under the argument of complicated parliamentary arithmetic, despite the fact that Pedro Sánchez has always defended that gesture as a sign of change in the Crown. Inviolability, added to the prescription of crimes and fiscal regularization, is one of the elements that has prevented the Prosecutor’s Office from filing a complaint against Juan Carlos I.

“Inviolability is an issue that is in the Constitution and right now there would not be enough majorities to address any reform that had to do with inviolability,” the Minister of Justice, Pilar Llop, settled at the press conference after the Council of Ministers in which he has shown respect for the investigation and the “opinions expressed” by the Prosecutor’s Office in its report on the fortune of the king emeritus.

In Moncloa they maintain that this is not the time to open the melon of a constitutional reform, which has been a promise of the Socialists for a decade but has not arrived. “It is not an issue that is on the table,” they defend with the argument that there is a war situation in Ukraine or the pandemic. However, in October, Sánchez created a specific area of ​​Constitutional Reform and New Rights in the PSOE and put Félix Bolaños, Minister of the Presidency, at the head.

“We are people who comply with the Constitution. We ask those who do not comply to comply with it,” added the head of Justice in a clear reference to the PP for the blockade of the renewal of the Judiciary that has lasted more than three years . In that sense, and asked about the replacement in the main opposition party, Llop acknowledged that “a new scenario” has opened and that they are “expected”. “I have listened to [Alberto Núñez] Feijóo talk about his sense of state and that the PP is a state party, with a sense of state. I hope that this sense of state is demonstrated in a first action that is to renew the General Council of the Judiciary “, he stated.

The Government is also pressuring the Galician president to prevent his acting counterpart from Castilla y León, Alfonso Fernández Mañueco, from agreeing with Vox. “That it makes a second important gesture, which is to put that democratic cord on the extreme right, is what is expected of a state party,” added the head of Justice. In the PSOE they want to distance the image of Feijóo as a moderate and center leader and for this reason they maintain that the Government of Castilla y León will be their first litmus test.