Thursday, October 28

The Government obtains the endorsement of Congress to extend the ERTE until February 2022, from which only Vox hangs out

The Government has achieved broad parliamentary support this Thursday for a new extension of the ERTE, this time until February 2022, approved by the Council of Ministers two weeks ago after the agreement between the Executive, the unions and the employers. All groups in Congress, except Vox -which has announced its abstention-, have supported the validation of the Royal Decree of the Government, which also includes the agreement with the social agents to also extend the aid of ‘unemployment’ of the self-employed due to the pandemic .

Social Security will maintain the extraordinary ‘unemployment’ for low-income self-employed until February

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During the defense of the text, the Second Vice President and Minister of Labor, Yolanda Díaz, assured that “the protection of the ERTE is still necessary” despite the improvement of the pandemic and has emphasized that this mechanism has allowed “the recovery of the fastest economy in history. ”

As approved by the Government at its meeting on September 28, the negotiated extension will be applied in two phases. Initially, the current ERTE system is extended by one month, until October 31, to give companies time to re-process the request for these mechanisms, because this time it will not be automatic. The idea is that companies have to reapply to the labor authority for this employment protection mechanism so that there is more control against cases of fraud.

The second phase of the extension will begin on November 1, until February 28, when the new conditions negotiated with the unions and majority employers in recent days will begin to apply. In this extension, training will play a central role, especially in companies with more than ten workers, but it is not mandatory for companies to qualify for listing aid, as Minister José Luis Escrivá originally intended .

Unemployment protection for workers in ERTE will remain at 70% of the regulatory base (similar to salary), as up to now, and those who have not contributed enough to do so will continue to have access to the benefit. The so-called ‘zero counter’ by which ERTE employees do not consume the unemployment perceived so far in the event of being laid off, will be extended until December 31.

The anecdote of Alberto Rodríguez

During the debate on the initiative, the Government and, specifically, Minister Díaz, have received harsh reproaches from the right wing, which has accused the Executive of having approved the extension of the ERTE without speaking to the parties and ” on the sidelines “of Parliament. However, PP and Ciudadanos have announced their support for the initiative and only Vox has assured that it will abstain.

The anecdote of the debate has been carried out by the deputy of United Podemos Alberto Rodríguez, who has taken the floor to defend the validation of the decree just a few minutes after the president of Congress, Meritxell Batet, received a communication from the Supreme Court informing him of the conviction. to the parliamentarian of the confederal group for the crime of attack on an agent of authority, “for their knowledge and opportune effects.” “I hope it is his last intervention,” Iván Espinosa de los Monteros, from Vox, told him later.

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