Thursday, September 23

The Government of Almeida approves and sends the new ‘Central Madrid’ to plenary session, which expands car access

The Governing Board of the Madrid City Council approved this Friday the project of the new mobility ordinance, which includes the redefinition of the wide low-emission zone that was launched during the mandate of Manuela Carmena. The new Central Madrid that defines the norm will be more flexible than its predecessor, laid down by the Justice for defects of form during its processing. If the final text is approved this Friday, the 15,000 merchants who have their businesses within the perimeter of the low emissions area will be able to access it just like the residents, as explained by the mayor himself, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, and the delegate from the Mobility area, Borja Carabante, at a press conference this morning.

José Manuel Calvo (Recover Madrid): “If we don’t support Almeida’s ‘Madrid Central’, the one who gets away with it is Vox”

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This is one of the most controversial points of the new ordinance, which will need external support in the municipal plenary session to be definitively approved next September, when the current regulations will decline due to a court ruling that overthrew it, alleging different defects of form. The Government of PP and Citizens will not count, a priorir, with the favorable vote of his usual Vox partners, which could derail Almeida’s project.

But the mayor has had some unforeseen allies, the four councilors of Recupera Madrid, the group of carmenistas spun off from Más Madrid and who is fighting in court to try to form a Mixed Group, instead of going to the Non-Assigned Group. One of these councilors, José Manuel Calvo, explained this week to in an interview that they are open to vote in favor of the new ordinance, claiming precisely that if the sentence that repeals the original Central Madrid is not approved, it will lead to the mobility policy of the capital two decades ago, before there were residential priority areas that Alberto Ruiz Gallardón launched and that represented the first traffic limitation in the city.

From Más Madrid they reject this position and are categorically against the new ordinance, accusing the four wayward councilors (in addition to Calvo, Marta Higueras, Felipe Llamas and Luis Cueto) as turncoats. The ex-mayor, Manuela Carmena, assured this Wednesday in the Ser chain that “the project of the new Central Madrid is a shame” because “very important road traffic limitation elements have been shaved and cut.” Carmena, who has disassociated himself politically from Más Madrid and its transformation into a political party, nonetheless stated that “we must do everything possible so that Madrid Central can once again be all that it was” and demanded that “the left stand up. agree and convince the mayor that they cannot carry out those cuts. ”

That could happen in the amendment process that is opening now and will conclude in September, when the ordinance is brought to the Plenary. PP and Ciudadanos do not have the majority and Vox will take advantage of it to attack Almeida, who in the campaign promised to eliminate Madrid Central. In fact, he made “freedom” of movement one of his main messages.

This opens the opportunity to pressure PP and Citizens from Más Madrid and the PSOE to modify the draft ordinance, which the new Climate Change Law approved by Congress makes mandatory for all Spanish cities by 2022. “We are willing to negotiate with all municipal groups the appropriate ordinance for Madrid, “said Almeida at the press conference after the Governing Board. We know that we have discrepancies, but we extend the hand to them, has said. Aware that he cannot remove the ordinance alone, he has only put one condition on the dialogue: that the text is ready for the plenary session on September 10.