Friday, September 24

The Government of Almeida finalizes the procedures for Nacho Cano to build a theater on a plot of land in Madrid

The musician Nacho Cano wants to build a theater in the district of Hortaleza, in Madrid. The former member of the Mecano group, through his company Malinche The Musical Spain S. L, of which he is the sole administrator, has requested the construction license from the Madrid City Council, which is governed by PP and Ciudadanos in a coalition, publishes this Thursday The world.

The Urban Development delegate, Mariano Fuentes, from Ciudadanos, has already held two meetings to address the project. The first, more than a year ago, on January 8, 2020 and, among other municipal positions and businessmen, was attended by Cano himself and David Hatchwell, president of Excem Real Estate and attorney of Malinche The Musical Spai, explains this newspaper. The second meeting took place by videoconference on February 19. The people in charge of the General Directorates of Building and Urban Management, Juan Carlos Álvarez and Jesús Ignacio Pascual, and the Deputy Directors General of Licenses and Municipal Land Heritage, María José Piccio and Antonio Pastor, took part in it.

Cano’s relationship with the administrations governed by the PP and Ciudadanos are very close, as could be seen on May 2, two days before the repetition of the elections in the Community of Madrid. The regional government of Isabel Díaz Ayuso awarded the medal of May 2 to the singer, which turned the act into a plea and a rally in favor of the Madrid president’s management of the pandemic. Cano to the only winner who was prepared with a microphone, repeatedly called “brave” and ended up returning his medal “for keeping the theaters open.” “You deserve it as president for being so brave,” Cano insisted in his speech.

The good relationship with the PP was not new, as is also shown now. On New Year’s Eve 2020, the artist was hired by the Ayuso Government to offer a concert from Puerta del Sol.