Thursday, July 29

The Government of Aragon appeals the decision of the TSJA regarding the hospitality industry and ensures that the restrictions of level 2 will be maintained

The legal services of the Government of Aragon will immediately argue before the first section of the Contentious-Administrative Chamber of the Superior Court of Justice against the very precautionary measure that eliminates the reduction of hours and capacity in hotels and nightlife in order to avoid more severe measures such as those included in level 2 of the strict health alert.

This has been announced by the Government of Aragon after hearing the order of said room that annulled the order that came into force last Friday, the 9th, which forced the hotel and restaurant industry to close at 23:00 and nightlife at 00.30, in addition to the reduction in capacity and the number of groups of people indoors.

The judicial resolution suspends the modulation established in the order for the hotel industry, but not the entry into force of the legal norm that established the passage to health alert level 2 or the rest of the content of the order, recalls the Government of Aragon in a press release.

It warns that the application of the legal regime, without the modulations suspended today, implies the closure of nightlife and reductions in capacity and in the number of people per table.

The order relaxed the restrictions that appear in level 2 by law and that the Department of Health justified in that the application of said regime, in all its intensity, was detrimental to the affected economic sectors and unnecessary to face, adequately and preserving the general interests, to the current epidemiological situation.

In this way, the Government of Aragon ratifies the reasons that led to the adoption of Order SAN / 790/2021, which does not restrict but rather expands economic activity with respect to the applicable alert regime 2.

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