Saturday, December 10

The Government of Ayuso reaches an agreement with the strike committee that puts an end to the strike in the emergencies

The Community of Madrid chaired by Isabel Díaz Ayuso and the Amyts doctors’ union reached an agreement late Thursday night that puts an end to the strikes in out-of-hospital emergency centers after almost ten days of protests. The agreement came about after almost seven hours of meeting between the Ministry of Health and the union, the second that both parties held after the massive demonstration last Sunday in the capital.

In the agreement reached, disseminated by the Community of Madrid, an agreement has been reached for the provision of doctors in 49 extra-hospital emergency centers (39 of the former Rural Care Services –SAR– and ten Emergency Care Services Primary –SUAP- For the former, it has been determined that four doctors will be assigned to 11 of them, five to 27 and two to one of the centers. As for the SUAPS, 10 are currently open with a staff of 4 doctors and weekend reinforcements, or five and no reinforcement.

The care model to be implemented in health care continuity centers, which initially included 29 centers with Nursing, will be negotiated at the Sector Table, where the CC.OO., UGT, CSIT Unión Profesional, Satse and Amyts unions are represented.

The regional government thus manages to end one of the open fronts in Madrid’s health. However, this Monday another indefinite strike is expected to start, this time by family doctors for which 4,240 family physicians and 720 pediatricians who provide Primary Care services in the region are called.

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