Sunday, December 10

The Government of Ayuso will appeal the energy saving plan before the Constitutional Court

The Community of Madrid announced this Monday that it will take the central government’s energy saving plan before the Constitutional Court. After the Sectoral Conference on Energy, Industry and Commerce, in which the Government has met with the regional councilors, the Madrid Minister of the Environment, Paloma Martín, has assured that “before the closure” of the Executive and “its non-rectification” , are going to “announce the presentation of an appeal of unconstitutionality, because they are putting into question competences that are their own.”

The Government rules out withdrawing the energy saving decree: “The PP does not help at all”

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Specifically, Martín refers to “those linked to trade”, in line with what was expressed a few days ago by the regional vice president, Enrique Ossorio, who already announced a few days ago the intention of the Madrid Executive to analyze “seriously” the Royal Decree Law and appeal it “if it is not constitutional.”

In the afternoon, the president of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, who has had no official agenda since July 23, when she attended the inauguration of Juan Manuel Moreno Bonilla as president of the Andalusian Government, and only speaks on Twitter , has taken advantage of this social network to lament that “tomorrow night, the only shop windows in Europe that will be off will be those in Spain” and that “the decree goes against trade, tourism and the feeling of security”. “An imposition without dialogue that does not measure its economic impact and invades powers. We appealed to the Constitutional Court”, she has written. France has also ordered its businesses to turn off the illuminated signs when they close as a cost-saving measure.

Madrid had been the first to demand the withdrawal of the Royal Decree Law, which includes measures such as limits on air conditioning, the turning off of shop windows and public buildings at 10 p.m. and the obligation of door closing mechanisms in shops. After the meeting, held this morning, the third vice president, Teresa Ribera, already announced that “the decree is what it is” and that there will be “no type of postponement”. “They maintain the imposition of the measures on commerce, the supermarket, the theater or the cinema, to name some of the most affected sectors,” said Martín in a video released after the Sectorial Conference. At the moment, from the Community they do not clarify if they will request precautionary measures, the only tool to prevent the energy saving plan from becoming effective, since the Constitutional Court will take months to pronounce itself.

“We have requested an urgent meeting of the Conference of Presidents, the summons to the affected sectors and the withdrawal of the Royal Legislative Decree”, the counselor has claimed. Martín has pointed out that the proposals of the autonomous Executive “are clear”. These go through “working to reduce the electricity bill.” A measure that does not imply energy savings and that has been discouraged by the International Monetary Fund, which has proposed letting prices rise so that consumption is reduced, while financially helping the poorest 20% of the population.

The position of the Madrid Government has marked the passage of the Popular Party of Feijóo. Almost at the same time as the press conference in which the Sánchez Executive announced the package of measures last week, President Isabel Díaz Ayuso already tweeted that Madrid would not apply it. During the following days the discourse was turning and softening. Finally, her advisers had to correct her, assuring that the law would be complied with “like it or not”, but the opposition to the measure has been firm from the beginning.

This Monday, the deputy secretary of Organization of the party, Miguel Tellado, came out to demand the “immediate withdrawal” of the Royal Decree while the Government was still meeting with the regional councilors. Genoa stated that they were analyzing the decree and explained that, for the time being, they were not going to appeal to the Constitutional Court, awaiting a response on its withdrawal.

“We have been very critical,” admitted the Minister of Economy, Finance and Employment, Javier Fernández Lasquetty, who was also present at the meeting with Ribera and the Minister of Industry, Reyes Maroto. “We have told them that things cannot be done like this, without evaluating the consequences, the insecurity that this will bring or the feeling of insecurity and that in the case of a tourist country like Spain is very serious. Such a measure cannot be taken without seeing in terms of economic contraction and job losses”, he has developed.

“Against the way of being in Madrid”

“We have told them (the ministers) that if the Government does not withdraw this Decree Law and does not start from the beginning, negotiating it, talking about it, discussing it, which the minister has told us that it is not going to do, the Community of Madrid will not to have no choice but to appeal it to the Constitutional Court”, indicated Lasquetty, who has demanded different measures for the region than the rest. “The same measures cannot be imposed and cannot be imposed on everyone. It is not possible to impose measures on Madrid that go against the way of being and functioning in Madrid and do it from top to bottom, from a ministry, as if the minister knew at what time the shops in Spain have to be turned off, ”he concluded. she. The rule, which will come into force this Wednesday at 00:00, does not force the closure of shops, but the shutdown of shop windows.

“The Government is respectful of the Constitution,” Vice President Ribera had said at the press conference after the Sectorial Conference, before the announcement by the Community was known and where she had anticipated that they will be the ones who have to “see how it is applied” the Royal Decree. Regarding the position of the PP, she has lamented “high-sounding expressions out of place” heard “in public and on the net” but assured that she stays with “the important thing” that “they say is to respect the Constitution and the rules.” “Yes, there has been a counselor who has denied climate change, the rest has been very correct”, said the head of Ecological Transition, who has asked the opposition for “unity, responsibility and solidarity” because “the PP does not help at all ”.

The leader of Más Madrid, Mónica García, has spoken about the decision of the regional Executive to appeal the Decree Law before the Constitutional Court. “The Ayuso PP does not have a problem with the improvable forms of the savings decree but with the substance: offering solidarity with Europe at a time of energy and climate crisis,” she has written on her Twitter account. The PSOE spokesman in the Assembly, Juan Lobato, lamented that the president “doesn’t know how to do anything other than prosecute everything and be constantly confronting” “She doesn’t even read the decrees. She can’t be like this all her life and she doesn’t care how Putin’s war affects the people of Madrid every day. He wants his incumbent at whatever price, even if it benefits Putin and harms families and businessmen,” she has said.