Tuesday, October 26

The Government of Mexico apologizes for detaining a young man with a disability for four years

Correspondent in Mexico City



On the recommendation of the United Nations, the Government of Mexico has just formulated the First Act of Recognition of International Responsibility for Persons with Disabilities. Thus the Ministry of the Interior, has intoned a historic mea culpa addressed to Arturo Medina Vela, with a psychosocial and intellectual disability considered unimpeachable, who was deprived of his liberty during the four years he was in the Centro Varonil de Rehabilitación Psicosocial. Previously, the young man was arrested for stealing a vehicle, although he did not know how to drive, and not a single piece of evidence was provided against him.

It is the same government that sent a letter in 2019 to King Felipe VI to ask for forgiveness for the crimes perpetrated at the time of the Conquest, 500 years ago for the “abuses committed.” And it is that the Mesoamerican nation has a serious prison problem, in the words of its president since, of the 220,000 prisoners, 43% lack a final sentence, which is equivalent to 125,500 inmates.

The solution for López Obrador is to release 6,000 detainees who have been without a resolution for more than ten years or who have been tortured. In this way, it is also intended to decongest the Judicial Power, which accumulates 2.4 million procedures.

Still, 1,054 defendants are being held by the Mexican prison system. According to the civil organization ‘Documenta’, which made possible this famous release “due to discriminatory treatment” against the accused, estimates that 50% of those incarcerated everyone has some kind of disability.

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