Tuesday, July 5

The Government of Moreno Bonilla attributes to an “error” that Juan Bravo’s salary of 127,000 euros is not on the Transparency portal

“The councilor’s salary that appears on the website of public salaries of councilors is not up to date, it is not a concealment, it is an error by an official who has not uploaded the updated data at the beginning of the legislature, and we have not realized ”. This is how sources from the Andalusian Government have explained to this newspaper that the full salary of Juan Bravo, Andalusian Minister of Finance and new Deputy Secretary of Economy of the PP, of 127,363 euros did not appear in the list of public salaries of the Board.

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These same sources point out that “Bravo declared his full salary in his declaration of assets of senior officials, which is published in the Transparency Portal”, something that is cited in the information, and they reiterate that “it was an oversight, an obvious mistake”.

Portal update request

They communicate that an order has already been given to the Deputy Minister of the Presidency “to ask why it is not updated, where the error comes from and so that it is corrected.” “It is a mismatch of two papers, but both are hanging from the transparency portal”

From the Presidency they explain that “the declaration of assets of senior officials is made personally by the person in charge, in this case Bravo”, which is the one that appears. But the other “depends on a team of Board officials and therein lies the error.” “The salaries of the president and directors have been frozen for years.” However, these are figures that have varied since they are updated on the web every three months. From the Board they emphasize that “the variations that appear in the last two years depend on the updating of the CPI and the salary increases for public employees approved by the central government.”

Regarding other senior officials who also receive this supplement, that is, who drag their salaries from civil servant positions under an Andalusian law of 1997, they clarify that it is above all members of their department coming from the Tax Agency.

In fact, they explain that his predecessor in the Government of Susana Díaz, the former Minister of Economy and Finance, Antonio Ramírez de Arellano, also kept his salary as rector of the University of Seville.