Wednesday, October 20

The Government of Spain will give 5.5 million to the Canary Islands to buy 107 homes for the victims of the La Palma volcano

The Council of Ministers will approve this Tuesday a decree that will enable aid worth 5.5 million euros to the Canarian Executive for the acquisition of 107 homes on the island of La Palma, with the aim that they be destined temporarily or permanently to families affected by the volcanic eruption.

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At the same time, it contemplates another five million in aid for the acquisition of basic necessities, also destined to those people who have suffered loss or damage to their habitual residence, temporarily or permanently.

These measures, at the proposal of the Ministry of Social Rights managed by Unidos Podemos together with the departments of Interior and Transport held by the PSOE, are aimed at alleviating the effects caused by the eruption of the Cumbre Vieja volcano, which began on September 19.

And it is that the decree that will validate this Tuesday the Council of Ministers, reels that, before “the magnitude of the emergency” and the “serious disturbance” of the conditions of life in the zone, the approval of these exceptional norms is justified that supplants loss of property and homes.

Between 300 and 400 buildings razed

Regarding the emergency situation on La Palma, it is specified that the preventive evacuation of more than 5,000 people from the affected populations of the Canary Island has already taken place.

It also reports that damage has been caused to infrastructure, private and public property, as well as damage to crops and farms, industrial estates and other production facilities.

Likewise, the decree adds that networks for the transport of people and goods have been altered, with the cutting of roads and the temporary prohibition of maritime navigation in the western area of ​​the island of La Palma, as well as suspension of school activities in some of the affected municipalities.

The figures available so far, the Government details, amount to between 300 and 400 buildings “devastated by lava” that “in no case may they be rebuilt in the place where they were located,” without prejudice to other damage to homes that may. be rehabilitated or rebuilt at their location.

The central government must collaborate with the Canary Islands

And in this situation, it is explicit that the Canarian Government is already promoting “different solutions”, some of a temporary nature and others “with a vocation for permanence”, among which it cites the acquisition of homes, both real estate already built and new construction developments in course or recently completed.

“The Government of Spain intends to collaborate in the purchase of said homes and basic necessities for them, co-financing their acquisition,” specifies the government decree.

The decree states that “they must be able to be occupied immediately by the affected families, or within a period compatible with the urgency of the need to be covered”, due to the unavailability of the habitual residence, whether under a lease, usufruct or property.

In the event that these homes cease to fulfill this purpose, they will have to remain under the ownership of the Canarian Government and may only be used for social rental or other forms of tenure, “provided that their social purpose is justified.”

To this are added the other five million for the purchase of basic necessities in order to serve the families affected by the losses caused by the eruption. In this sense, the decree establishes that the autonomous community will present a list of affected properties before the Ministry of Transport.

These aids will be incompatible with the other subsidies regulated by the Royal Decree that decrees catastrophic areas due to natural phenomena.

It also points out that the amount awarded to the victims may in no case exceed the difference between the amount of the damage produced and the amount of other compatible or complementary aid or compensation that, for the same concept, could be granted by other public, national or international organizations , or correspond by virtue of the existence of insurance policies.

On the other hand, the regional executive will only be able to return the houses to private traffic only after a period of 30 years and previous justification to the Ministry of Transport of the “unnecessaryness” of the same for this “social purpose”.

If that happens, the Canary Islands will have to reimburse the central administration for the aid granted, with the application of the legal interest on the money increased by 25%.

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