Saturday, October 23

The government of the liberal Citu falls in Romania due to a motion of censure




The Romanian Parliament approved a motion of no confidence against the government, liberal, opening the way to a period of political instability in the midst of the fourth wave of covid-19. The motion was adopted by 281 votes, that is, much more than the 234 necessary, according to the official results.

The first Minister Florin Citu, a 49-year-old former banker who had been in office since the December elections, has in recent months become the black beast of the right and the left.

Forming an unusual alliance, the USR deputies (center-right), who became part of the government coalition; the Social Democratic Party (PSD, opposition) and the far-right party AUR voted unanimously to remove the Executive.

The Liberals (PNL, in power) boycotted the vote and denounced an “irresponsible” action on the part of the three formations. “What are they going to gain by plunging the country into chaos?” Launched the prime minister at the beginning of the parliamentary session, referring to the parties that presented the motion.

After ensuring that the next Executive would continue to be formed “around liberal values”, Florin Citu left the chamber without waiting for the result of the vote. His government will continue to serve on an interim basis until the president Klaus Iohannis, center-right, name a new prime minister.

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