Wednesday, February 21

The Government of the United Kingdom approves a budget item to install 513 inclusive changers in the UK

The UK government has approved a budget item of £23.5 million (28,247,117.50 euros) for install 513 inclusive shifters in all the country. In this way they hope to increase the number and distribution of health facilities to People with disabilities throughout England.

This budget allocation is part of a total budget of £30m until 2023/24, so even more funding is expected throughout 2022. Details of this will be revealed throughout the year. since the approval is subject to an agreement with the Government of the United Kingdom.

In England, more than 250,000 people with disabilities they do not have access to public toilets that can meet their needs. These restrooms feature an adult bench and lifting facilities, as well as extra space for caregivers to move around easily.

Inclusive changing rooms for people with disabilities in Spain, when will they arrive?

Although we can find some of these inclusive changers in Spain, the truth is that many more are needed. From Inclusive changing rooms denounce that “more than 235,000 people in Spain do not have decent toilets to be able to change, something that should be completely normalized.”

In England, there are around 1,300 localized adapted toilets, but in Spain there are few installed units. The first inclusive changer was installed in Alicante in 2018.

In Spain, there is still a long way to go to reach the figures for the United Kingdom, especially considering that there is no type of project on the table that guarantees the rights of People with disabilities in a matter of bathrooms and public toilets.