Friday, September 30

The Government of Urkullu approves its budgets amid the pit between EH Bildu and Elkarrekin Podemos-IU

In a session under the sign of the pandemic and with some casualties among their lordships for being positive cases or contacts of COVID-19 (at least five, among them the spokespersons in the Health commission of Elkarrekin Podemos-IU and PP + Cs, Jon Hernández and Laura Garrido), the Basque Parliament has approved this Thursday in its last plenary session of 2021 the fundamental economic rule of 2022, the budgets. There have been no relevant surprises in the debate, since the scheme was predetermined in advance. The Government of Iñigo Urkullu, a coalition of PNV and PSE-EE, appeared with an absolute majority and, furthermore, with the already public agreement with EH Bildu, which has abstained “in exchange for representative improvements.” “We are not going to make the revolution with what has been achieved nor are there going to be major transformations, but we have achieved that the response that these budgets offer in certain areas is better than that offered by the original project of the Government,” the coalition has solemnized while, at the same time, he also supported the budgets of Navarra in the vote that took place at the same time in Pamplona and in a context in which his position on those of Spain was also closed.

David Pla, one of the last ETA bosses, will be Sortu’s deputy general secretary

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“We have managed to move the elephant,” explained the spokeswoman for the national coalition, Nerea Kortajarena, who has chosen to use a long 30-minute shift to explain what, in her opinion, is and is not really the pact. It consists of about 250 million in specific items plus some political commitments. Regarding the point at which it refers to rethinking the Minimum Interprofessional Salary (SMI) from collective bargaining to adjust to the higher standard of living in the Basque Country than in the rest of Spain, EH Bildu estimates that this improvement could be 20%. It would be almost 200 euros more than the 965 (in 14 payments) announced by the central government. He also stressed that the “most important ever” commitments have been made regarding R + D + I “leaving behind diffuse objectives” and that there will be a “own system” to control the prices of housing rentals. Likewise, Kortajarena has stressed that there will be aid to guarantee “energy well-being” in the face of the “robbery” of the companies (and also that they stop talking about “energy poverty”).

On the other hand, EH Bildu has emphasized that the 30 million to “reinforce” primary care are crucial in a context of overflow in the face of the new wave of COVID-19. The coalition has struck a balance between its traditional stance of frontal opposition to pandemic management and its role as an occasional budget partner. They have denounced both the cuts and the dismantling of the equipment created to meet the positive and income in other phases since 2020 – “we are going like headless chickens!” – but they have considered that “the investment of 30 million” may be ” the beginning of a new path “. “We’ll see”, Kortajarena has left in the air.

The Elkarrekin Podemos-IU coalition, through the mouth of Miren Gorrotxategi, has expressly indicated that EH Bildu should not join a pact of this nature with PNV and PSE-EE precisely because of the problems in the Basque Health Service (Osakidetza) and has wanted make see its apparent contradictions. “Let me now briefly address the comrades of the opposition bench, the EH Bildu parliamentarians. You are wrong with this short-term tacticist calculation. We are not before another budget law. The change of course decided in this The administration should arrive now. And you, unfortunately, are protecting the cuts and the enormous limitations that this law incorporates. It is extremely serious because the immense work of your colleagues such as Rebeka Ubera, head of the Health Commission, the leadership of your party has left on wet paper. It is sad to see that they have not even thoroughly studied the law. And it is that their support for these accounts has nothing to do with the accounts themselves, which are bad for citizens and the country, but with politics the spectacle and the poor electoral calculation. Let me tell you that you are sliding down a very winding path. And let me also remind you that everything has changed. We are not in 2019. Definitely. a, this budget consolidates the lack of investment in public health, the high rates of temporary employment, the systematic overload of work, the shortage of human and material resources, the cuts in working conditions, the privatization of services and inaction in the face of collapse of primary care. I would not be very misguided if I said that the Basque Government has the health policy of Mrs. Ayuso as an example to follow, “he blurted out.

From the bench of EH Bildu, Kortajarena has subtly replied that the absence of measures and the problems to articulate a response to the new wave supposes “the confirmation that there is an anti-pandemic law that has never served any purpose.” It was a dart to Elkarrekin Podemos-IU, who agreed on the content of this law with the PNV Government and PSE-EE before the summer and who then strongly defended the pacts with the Urkullu Executive. In addition, it so happens that at the same time the left-wing coalition added their votes to nationalists and socialists for the third year in the Vitoria City Council.

The PNV and PSE-EE spokespersons, Itsaso Berrojalbiz and the former councilor Sonia Pérez, have congratulated themselves on the approval of the accounts. “Today is one of those days in which one feels proud of the work done,” emphasized the first. Both have indicated that these budgets prioritize health spending. “We are glad to have reached, through dialogue and negotiation, an agreement with the main opposition group, EH Bildu, which further reinforces this budget project,” said Pérez.

From the PP + Cs bench, Luis Gordillo has denounced that the Government and his partner have rejected 1,500 concrete proposals. “We did not present 30. We did not present 200. We did not present 300. We presented up to 1,500 amendments. I thought that, well, 1,500 maybe out of shame, boy, they were going to admit us anyway. But neither. Of 1,500 amendments that we have Not a single one presented has been good, “protested Gordillo, who has insisted that the Government’s proposal” in practice “will mean a tax increase. Looking at Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, has insisted: “There are communities that have much less fiscal powers that are increasing the collection by lowering taxes. Fabric!”. The extreme right of Vox has affirmed that “only the support of EH Bildu, even in the form of abstention, is a compelling reason to reject them.”

After the session, which ended with wishes for a happy (and healthy) Christmas, the entire chamber applauded the lawyer Eduardo Mancisidor for his retirement. Later, proof of the new harmony, a group of representatives of EH Bildu has met informally in the corridors with the Minister of Economy and Finance, Pedro Azpiazu. He has affirmed to journalists that if the pandemic continues to affect the Basque economy, the Government “is not going to skimp on resources to combat the pandemic.” “The Government is going to use all the resources that are needed to face COVID-19, all of them,” he guaranteed. At the moment, it already has 13,108 million at its disposal since January 1.