Tuesday, February 27

The Government offers teachers to recover their pre-crisis schedule to avoid strikes at the beginning of the course

The Department of Education of the Generalitat has agreed to reduce one teaching hour for all teachers starting in January if there is an agreement with the unions to call off the strikes scheduled for the start of the course. This has been raised at the mediation meeting this Wednesday morning.

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This measure, which would mean the incorporation of more than 3,000 new teachers into the system, was the main red line proposed by the unions to redirect the negotiations last year, one of the most conflictive between the Administration and teacher unions. In this way, teachers would return to the schedule they had before the cuts more than a decade ago, with one less teaching hour in both Primary and ESO.

Before the end of last year, Education proposed applying this reduction in Primary this year 2022-2023 and leaving Secondary for the following year, but the unions did not accept it and continued the strikes, scheduled for September 7 and 28.

Beyond this point of disagreement, the unions demanded that Education paralyze the advancement of the start of the course – this year it will be on September 5 – stabilize templates or paralyze the application of the new curriculum.

Iolanda Segura, USTEC spokesperson, has stated that they are now “evaluating” the proposal, both individually and as a whole. “When we have adopted a unitary agreement, we will let you know. At the moment there is nothing more than this, ”she has reported.