Wednesday, August 4

The Government once again rectifies and will cover the guarantees of 5.4 million before the Court of Accounts for the process

Key day for the 34 exalted positions of the Government and indicted officials, among them the ex-presidents Artur Mas and Carles Puigdemont, in the Court of Accounts for the external expenses of the process. This Wednesday the deadline for them to deposit the 5.4 million euros of bail ends. While some of the defendants have already begun to deposit their apartments and personal property to cover their part, the Government, contrary to what it said 24 hours ago, has announced that it will finally support those affected.

It is the second rectification of the Government in less than a day on the guarantee of the guarantees of the Court of Accounts. This Tuesday the Minister of Economy and Finance, Jaume Giró, advanced that the Generalitat had not found any bank to guarantee the guarantees and that finally the Catalan Institute of Finance (ICF), the Government’s public credit bank, would not take charge of they. All this despite the fact that the Government’s own decree approved at the beginning of July contemplated that the ICF would provisionally take over the bonds if an agreement with a bank is not reached.

Surprisingly, Giró himself announced this Wednesday during the plenary session of Parliament that he will finally use the ICF to guarantee the risk fund created by the Government to cover the guarantee of 5.4 million euros that the defendants must deposit this Wednesday.

The fund would work with a mechanism similar to that of a private insurance: a financial entity would guarantee the bonds, with a counter guarantee from the Generalitat that would be channeled through the ICF. But the first of the requirements failed when the Government met with the rejection of the banking entities. A total of 31 of the 34 high-ranking positions affected, including Artur Mas, Oriol Junqueras and Carles Puigdemont, had availed themselves of this Complementary Risk Fund

Despite the last-minute announcement, according to legal sources, most of the 34 high-ranking government officials involved plan to deposit personal property and assets throughout this Wednesday to cover the maximum amount required within the established period, while pro-independence parties and entities They are mobilized to contribute donations that contribute to the payment of the bonds.

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