Saturday, August 13

The Government opens a file with Iberdrola for the Ricobayo drain

The Secretary of State for the Environment, Hugo Morán, reported on Thursday the opening of an information file against the Iberdrola company for the emptying of the Ricobayo reservoir in Zamora. After a meeting with the mayors of the riverside municipalities affected by the emptying of the main reservoir in the province, Morán has announced the start of this process, which will be resolved in the coming days. “If it is found that there has been a malpractice, the corresponding sanctioning mechanism will be launched,” he indicated.

The action of the hydroelectric plant in the Duero reservoir will not be the only one that will be analyzed, according to Morán, and what happened in other basins such as the Miño-Sil or the Tajo will also be examined, where in several reservoirs, the Water has decreased coinciding with the maximum price of electricity and due to the change in the electricity markets. On June 1, the day the new rates entered, Ricobayo had 658 cubic hectometres of water. Since then the level of the reservoir has been reduced to 133.

The secretary of state has indicated that the levels of exploitation of the Zamorano reservoir have been “above what is recommended”, for which he has asked the company to review and update the practices of hydroelectric companies throughout the country. “Beyond the fact that the entire management process had taken place within the concessionary limits, what common sense recommends has been exceeded.”

Morán, who has announced an upcoming meeting between the Iberdrola concessionaire company and the affected municipalities, has asked the company to be more sensitive to the territory: “the concessions must have to adapt to the new reality we are living in,” he indicated, in relation to complaints from neighbors, mayors, businessmen and environmental organizations. The secretary of state has not wanted to pronounce on the scope of the sanctioning file, which has been initiated after the denunciation of a score of municipalities.