Friday, September 24

The Government pact between PP and Citizens in Castilla y León, on the verge of rupture

The government pact between PP and Ciudadanos in Castilla y León has entered a deep crisis in a matter of hours. The vice president of the Board, Francisco Igea, will report throughout the morning of this Tuesday, once the Plenary of the Courts ends, on the position of Citizens on “health policy and the state of the government agreement”, as as announced through twitter.

The fracture has grown in a matter of hours. On Monday afternoon, the president of the Board, Alfonso Fernández Mañueco, materialized his lack of harmony with the Minister of Health, Verónica Casado, announcing in the plenary debate that the PP would vote in favor of a socialist NLP that urges to withdraw the primary care reform plan in the Community. This is the most important project of the Ministry, and it aims to turn the model around, especially in rural areas. The result is that there are doctor’s offices in towns that have been closed for more than 500 days, which has generated discomfort not only for the affected users, but also for mayors, including those of the PP.

Manueco’s announcement set the ranks of Ciudadanos on fire. Shortly after, Igea made a reply to Podemos about the treatment of medical professionals in which he lashed out at the health policy in Spain, which he considers “a bloody shame.” He himself tweeted the video of his speech last night and added something else to what he said. “Politics cannot be saying today, here, one thing and tomorrow, there, the opposite just because I’m in charge here and not there. Primary care has the same problems and the same demagoguery from one side to the other in all the autonomous communities. Don’t count on us. We won’t lie to the citizens. ”

But in addition, the vice president also supported Casado’s work, which had been disallowed by the president’s announcement, with a farewell tweet. “Loyalty is a rare value in politics, it is forged through hard work in difficult circumstances. I am very proud of the work of our members of the government but especially of those who tied the helm and piloted the ship during the storm. Thank you counselor “.

The departure of Casado from the government team is practically taken for granted, either by resignation or by dismissal. Also at the end of the plenary session, Mañueco will meet with the leader of the PSOE of Castilla y León, Luis Tudanca, if events do not end up changing the agendas.

As reported on Monday, the president of Castilla y León has stopped feeling comfortable governing with Ciudadanos. Inés Arrimadas’ party, in decomposition, is no longer necessary for Mañueco, who is also threatened by a second socialist motion of no confidence that may be presented as of March. In an interview in Castilla y León Televisión this Monday, he acknowledged that the motion “is not rulable” and assumed that it would go ahead “with transfers.” Even so, he did not want to acknowledge that he is considering bringing the elections forward, a coup that would allow him to leave Ciudadanos behind and prevent the PSOE from taking power from him in a matter of months.

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