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The Government postpones after the Andalusians the renewal of the Constitutional that blocks the PP

The mandate of four magistrates of the Constitutional Court has already expired and the Government is determined to appoint the two that correspond to it without waiting for the PP to agree to renew the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ), which has to appoint another two , but that he cannot do it when he is in functions. However, Moncloa will wait at least for the elections in Andalusia to take place this Sunday to take that step and, at the same time, give the PP room to agree to negotiate the appointments.

Feijóo maintains Casado’s blockade in the Judicial Power and extends it to the Constitutional

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The Minister of Justice, Pilar Llop, has prepared the ground for the renewal of the two magistrates of the court of guarantees that correspond to the Government by ensuring that it is “quite feasible” to carry it out, despite the legal doubts that existed given that the Magna Carta establishes that this body be renewed by thirds. The one whose mandate has expired since this Sunday is the one that corresponds to the Executive and the governing body of the judges. The Government is convinced that it can designate the two that touch it. “He has the power,” the Minister of the Presidency, Félix Bolaños, said in an interview on Onda Cero a few days ago.

However, it will not do so in the first Council of Ministers after the expiration of the mandate of Pedro González-Trevijano, who is also the president of the court of guarantees; the conservatives Antonio Narváez and Santiago Martínez Vares; and the progressive Juan Antonio Xiol. With the renewal of that third, added to the one agreed a few months ago with Pablo Casado’s PP, the Government hopes to recover the progressive majority of the institution at a time when it has several key rulings pending. But the decision will have to wait at least until Andalusia votes. Moncloa sources confirm that it is not one of the issues that will be part of the agenda of the cabinet meeting this Tuesday.

After the elections of June 19, the Government has to decide the margin that it continues to give the PP to renew the Judicial Power so that the governing body of the judges can appoint the two magistrates that correspond to it, or if it appoints the two yours without waiting. “The announcement that comes from the PP is that the sooner they say that they are going to comply with the law and the Constitution,” Bolaños responded at a press conference after the audience with Pope Francis in the Vatican to the question of whether the Executive intends to move solo tab.

The blockade of the CGPJ is approaching four years and the PP has not shown signs of intending to renew it. Despite the pressure that comes from the governing body of the judges, Alberto Núñez Feijóo made it clear that he intends to maintain the blockade until the Andalusian elections are over. However, this Monday he further cooled the possibility of reaching an agreement with Pedro Sánchez. Genoa has returned to the starting point and demands that Moncloa agree “at the same time” on a comprehensive reform of the Justice that includes a new appointment formula, as explained by Esteban González Pons, who is mandated by Feijóo for these matters . The intention of the Conservatives is to delay the process even more and they will send the Socialists a proposal within a month, informs Aitor Riveiro. Bearing in mind that July and August are non-working months in Parliament, the renewal would take place at least in the fall.

In any case, the PSOE rejects a change in the way in which the governing body of the judges is elected – which currently requires a reinforced majority in Congress and the Senate against the proposal that it be the judicial career itself that chooses its governing body. This formula has also been rejected in Parliament on several occasions. Moncloa urges the PP to comply with current regulations and renew the institutions without conditions.

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