Tuesday, December 7

The Government prepares the plan with the 10 points to send to Congress

Antonio Aracre (Syngenta), Sergio Kaufman (Accenture) and Daniel Herrero (Toyota), among others, took part in the meeting that took place in the Quinta de Olivos. As Ámbito learned, once the short-term scenario was cleared from the discussion, both Alberto Fernández and Martín Guzmán focused on the need to work on a social agreement, which will be the main axis of the government once the repercussions of the elections are over.

The plan would include fiscal convergence without producing an adjustment in the economy, the need to redirect subsidies towards a more efficient and progressive scheme and intensify the fight against tax evasion, the inclusion of incentives for the generation of job incremental, promoting a educational scheme that includes short careers with easy job opportunities in sectors linked to the knowledge economy among others and favor a scenario of attraction of investments in strategic areas.

Another of the issues on which the Government will be oriented will be to regulate the exchange rate. The dollar, the day after the elections, rose six cents this Monday to $ 105.88 -without taxes-, according to the average of the main banks in the financial system. In turn, the retail value of the US dollar rose 25 cents to $ 105.50 at Banco Nación. The Central Bank sold US $ 35 million to the demand for foreign currency in the exchange market, which implies that the Government kept the pace of the devaluation.

The National Cabinet will also have to channel the bid for inflation, fight that for now has already lost based on what the 2021 Budget estimated. year-on-year inflation is around 52,1%, according to the latest data from the National Institute of Statistics and Censuses (Indec), and it accelerates to 3.5% per month. Through various price agreements, the national administration will try to contain the inflationary surge in the coming months.

Another issue to resolve is the negotiation with the IMF for the debt. The President announced the sending to Congress of a project with a “Multiannual economic program for sustainable development”, which will contain the understandings reached so far with the Fund. It will thus seek to engage the opposition in the agreement. For now, from Together, they responded that the debates are taking place in Congress and not in Casa Rosada.


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