Thursday, December 8

The Government proposes to officials an extra salary increase of 1.5% for this year, 2.5% in 2023 and 2% in 2024

First meeting at the civil servants’ salary negotiation table and it ends with news. The Government has opened to negotiate a wage update for public workers for this year of 1.5%, to cover part of the loss of purchasing power of the group due to inflation, according to union sources. In addition, a figure of 2.5% has been proposed for next year’s wages. The parties will meet again this Thursday to move towards an understanding. The figure of 2% for 2024 has also been advanced.

The unions had a salary improvement of 2% for this 2022, compared to inflation that has ended up being much higher than what was expected at the start of the year, which in August reached 10.5%. Now they will have an addition of 1.5% retroactive, a novelty that the Executive has proposed and that the unions demanded. Sources from the Ministry of Finance and Public Function have avoided assessing the progress in the negotiation until it is closed.

From UGT the increase of 2.5% for next year has been pointed out as insufficient and it is hoped that it can be raised at the second meeting, this Thursday. In CCOO it is also understood that it is a lower figure than expected and is committed to reaching 10% in the whole of this year and the next two.